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More Boardshorts: A Chat With Asher Pacey

We recently packed up the quivers and headed across the Indian to the Mentawai Islands to test the latest styles of boardshorts in the ultimate grounds they deserve!

One man happily partaking in the journey was free surfing phenomenon, Rhythm’s Asher Pacey. Join us as we chat with him to talk standout sessions, his weapons of choice, how he spent his time when he wasn’t enjoying pumping line ups and much more.

More Boardshorts - Rhythm from surfstitch on Vimeo.

You’ve just been shooting in the Ments for the SurfStitch boardshort campaign. Give us a run down of the concept and the good times!?

To be honest I didn’t know too much about the trip before embarking on the journey. I was not entirely sure who was coming or where we were going but knew it was a based on a boardshort campaign. Boat trips are always a good time (weather permitting). The surf was not amazing on a general Ments scale but any tropical surf is a good one. We had plenty of surfable waves in which we found a few fun windows with not too many people. The weather wasn’t exactly on point but didn’t stop us from a good time. Good boat, good crew, good food and plenty of ice cold Bintangs to see the days end.

Describe the best and standout session?

It was nice to surf a few lefts for a change for me so I’d say the opportunity to surf Maccas was a treat as well as some good fun out Lances left with minimal humans fit the bill nicely. Exchanging a few long waves with mates is a rewarding experience.

What boards did you ride most?

The quiv was pretty much my go to rafts. A 4’11, a 5’2 and a 5’3. Most of my surfing time was spent on the 5’2 however but all boards felt great.

Did you know the rest of the crew before the trip?

It was about 50/50 in terms of knowing the crew. The best thing was we all got on really well which made for non stop laughter and good times in general. There was some good running and spontaneous jokes getting thrown around.

Describe what boardshorts you found yourself in most and why?

There were about 6 pairs of Rhythm boardies that I had so just had them in rotation basically. I actually like what they produce. The size, cut and designs are always on point. (SHOP THEM ALL HERE.)

What did you and the fellas find yourself getting up to when you weren’t in the line up?

The main hang area on the Nomad is on top deck so most of the time (weather permitting) we would chill up there watching the surf, talking banter or rinsing a few ice cold tins. Other than that we went on a few micro adventures in the other boat. Ate plenty of good meals also.

Last but not least, give us one funny moment that stood out from the trip?

The funniest moment was perhaps a funny day in general. On Young Krups birthday we had a wizard stick party where the goal is to drink ones height in cans which are taped to the last making a walking/drinking stick of sorts. The day was long as were the wizard sticks. Was safe to say the day was a success and no one was injured.

More Summer More Boardshorts from surfstitch on Vimeo.