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Behind The Collection: The Logger Capsule by TCSS

If you’re a performance surfer, a longboarder or a master of both arts, the style and grace of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s era of surf culture is something we can all admire.

Whether it was drawing inspiration from Michael Hynson and Robert August in Bruce Brown’s classic Endless Summer, or watching Shaun Thompson tear apart the North Shore, heck, even witnessing Rabbit Bartholomew dominate the points of the Gold Coast first hand those many moons ago, we love that piece in time that truly shaped the industry (and sport) today, and of late is making an epic comeback as a leading trend. That’s right, the trusty above the knee, classic cut boardshorts are back!

That being said, when the team at TCSS approached us to collaborate and embrace this timeless trend, it only made perfect sense to link up for an exclusive capsule collection. Introducing The Logger, heritage inspired surf trunks and apparel made with modern fabrics (and a whole lot of love!). Check out the entire range here, and keep scrolling as chat to designer, Matt Waters.

Behind The Collection: The Logger Capsule by TCSS

Tell us who you are and your position at TCSS.

I'm Matt “Mud” Waters, and I'm a designer.

You’ve just linked up with SurfStitch and dropped the latest exclusive capsule, the Logger. Give us a run down of what the collection embodies and the inspirations behind it?

This collection pulls on the simple times of yesteryear. Grabbing your log and hitting the road with boys to explore all corners of the east coast of OZ.

Trunks are obviously a huge part of it. Where did the inspiration come from for materials, designs, etc?

Our team riders had a huge influence on the design process. They wanted a clean simple design that focused on fit and function. The result is a 16 inch leg length, higher waistband, wider leg opening, triple stitching all over for strength and durability, comfort stretch, minimal branding, vintage wash and the TCSS triple eyelet fastening set up that allows 2 size options. We think this is the best logger trunk in the market.

Who were the key people involved with bringing this capsule to fruition?

SurfStitch's very own Sam, Shep and Ollie... The golden triangle of brains, brut and banter!

Got a favourite pair? Tell us why!

Black. Clean and simple and timeless

What’s are the perks of doing exclusive capsules in comparison to a normal one hitting the market?

Focusing your energy into one capsule really lets us tell strong stories that are true to the DNA of the brand.

Behind The Collection: The Logger Capsule by TCSS
Behind The Collection: The Logger Capsule by TCSS
Behind The Collection: The Logger Capsule by TCSS