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The Common Thread Between Us: Bec


27-year-old Bec Solman has worked in the same hardware store for the last decade, but her voice really lights up when she starts talking about music. Bec’s a long-time Newcastle resident, and for years she’s been deeply-immersed in the city’s live music scene. After volunteering at Newcastle’s singular all-ages live music venue, Bec ended up taking the reins for a number of years, until the fun police (home owners, noise complaints, the Council…) sadly forced the doors to close. Bec still works the door and helps with ticketing around town at local venues, and her love for live and loud music occupies the majority of time outside hardware hours. Bec has also recently re-discovered her love for the skateboard that used to see her pushing all over town in her younger years, and she spent the most recent weekend indulging her main passion, shooting photos of her friends’ band in Newcastle.

What dictates what you put on in the morning?
I basically live in Dickies and platform Vans or platform Cons. Something tidy but loose, comfortable and work-friendly. A t-shirt tucked in, jacket jumper if it’s cold, and always my keys locked to my pants.

What is the greatest sartorial fail of your life?
16-year-old Bec in your typical walk-in Supre or Jay Jays gear. A t-shirt with a stupid slogan, coloured skinny jeans (purple or red) trashed cons that have been drawn all over, holes everywhere. I look back and think my gosh, how did that happen.

What is the piece of clothing you’ve always been too scared to buy?
I’ve always wanted a really good quality windbreaker, a North Face, black-hooded velcro one. Whenever I’m on public transport in the winter, or on tour with one of the bands in Melbourne I always think that I should just get one, but I end up buying a cheap one that doesn’t quite fit and that I don’t really like and regret it.

What is the piece of clothing that you most deplore?
I find it hard to get a jumpsuit. I’m really short, four foot nine, and they’re too baggy up top or too restricting, but I wouldn’t say I really deplore them, or anything else. Everyone has their reasons to wear something.

Which living person’s style do you most admire?
Gwen Stefani’s always been a big one for me. Or early Drew Barrymore. I think any of us who lived through it loves the nostalgia of the 90s.

What is your greatest fashion extravagance?
Just lots of Bonds underwear, Vans and Converse. If it was one single thing then it would be Chuck Taylors. I’ve always loved the look of them and no one’s going to beat them.

What’s your single favourite item in your wardrobe?
A Harrington jacket. It’s black and has a single inside pocket for cards and phone. I wear it everywhere.

What’s the piece of clothing that you wear the most?
The Black dickies that I have on right now. I haven’t washed them for two weeks, but they’re work appropriate and go with anything.

What would you wear to your own funeral?
I wouldn’t want to be in a big frilly dress or anything as it’s not my style. Just a smart, simple loose black pencil skirt, a comfortable plain black jumper, sneakers, a tote bag and bright patterned socks.