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The new swimsuit design exposed more of a women's body than it was covering!

International Bikini Day

It's no secret that we LOVE a good kini and it's no surprise why one of our favourite days of the year is International Bikini Day. Every year on July 5th, we stop and appreciate one of our most worn wardrobe items - the humble bikini [SHOP NOW]!

Do you know how the bikini came about?

French swimsuit designer, Louis Reard spent some time thinking outside of the box and experimented with new cuts, styles and shapes. After some trial and error, he came up with a design that was known back then as “the world’s smallest swimsuit”. It was a huge deal! Before this, swimsuits were known to cover a large majority of a women’s belly and legs. When the new suit was released, the entire world was blown away by the design which was exposing more of a women's body than it was covering!

International Bikini Day

At the beginning the bikini was a bit of a flop, that was until the United States fell in love with the designs throughout the mid-1960’s which is now known as the decade that changed the world forever due to women expressing themselves through their outfit choices.

Since then, the swimwear industry evolved and has never been the same; fast forward 70 years and the styles now available still reveal the cheeky, fun-loving side of Reard’s original designs. We love the modern-day twists that designers are putting on new season swimwear with a heap of different colours, fabrics and shapes being thrown into the mix. 

International Bikini Day

Struggling to find the perfect bikini fit? We know shopping for a new bikini can be TOUGH! We caught up with the ladies at Rhythm to get their top 4 tips to make it that bit easier - here's what they had to say!

1. Try a range of styles and cuts – from bralettes to crop tops, cheeky bottoms to one-pieces, dark colours to light colours, solids to prints and everything in between. Give it all a go! You never know, you may find your new favourite swimwear isn’t what you expected!

2. Shop with a friend that has great style – we all have that one (or if we’re lucky, more than one) friend with epic style that we’re secretly jealous of. Shopping with friends is always fun, and having a friend with a keen eye for style is a bonus!

3. Basics are always great but prints can be fun! Don’t be afraid to mix and match with basics and prints too, the possibilities are endless, use your creative flair to combine different tops and bottoms, prints and colours for your very own unique look.

4. Most of all, get the swimsuit you feel the most confident in. This is a super important point for us. When we’re feeling good, we look good. Being confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing makes a huge difference to any day out, go with what you feel the best in!

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