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Element was born from skate culture, the arts and nature.

Element Women's New Collection

Welcome to the new Element Women's. This is it, it’s the real thing. Element [shop now] was born from skate culture, the arts and nature. The brainchild of Johnny Schillereff, a brand once focused specifically on skate, has since then shifted to the world of women’s fashion, with its designs and silhouettes recognised globally by those individuals living and breathing these very same cultures.

Element Women's encourages all girls to get out there, skate and have fun; creating confidence that anyone can pick up a skateboard, go for a cruise and look steezy while doing it. The new June collection has arrived and is varsity sport-inspired with old-school pop pants, big chest logos, cord and oversized fleece. Colour your winter with bright, tonal styling featuring a lot of pink, burgundy and gold!

To learn more about where Element Women’s got their inspiration from for the new range, we caught up with the gal that designed it, Samantha Evans!

Hey Sam, tell us a bit about your research trip for this new range, we hear that you did a fair bit of travel!

Definitely, I’ve been in and out of airports a lot lately on a whirlwind trip to America, the UK and Europe…crazy! My job as Women's Designer is a bit of a dream. I’m one of those few girls who gets paid to travel the world and go shopping! The trips are always well worth it, I always find some amazing inspiration! 

Element Women's New Collection

Have you got any cool stories from the road?

What happens on a trip, stays on a trip ;) 

What sort of trends jumped out to you the most while you were travelling?

Sports influences are definitely big trends for the season with colour blocking, stripe tape detailing and sports team outfit styling being heavily featured; I've got lots to work with and lots to love.

Element Women's New Collection

How is this new range that you have developed so different to anything that Element has seen before?

The Element Women’s new direction has been slowly changing over the last six months, we’re playing with more colour and using lots of different fabrications. The biggest change is our styling - ‘borrowed from the boys’ which sits really well with the brand direction for Element and where women’s is heading in the street and urban market.

Can you give us a bit of a clue as to what’s next design wise for Element Women's?

We’re really excited about the next six months of product, we’re channelling 70’s retro sports, so be prepared for fun rainbow stripes, cord pinafores and multi-colour tees. I just came back from a shopping trip in LA and the retro look over there is firing!

Shop the latest collection from Element Women's HERE.

Element Women's New Collection