Wrangler is one of the original jeans companies and a leading denim brand. Originally setting up shop in 1904 in a small loft, they launched their authentic western jeans in the late 1940s. Endorsed by professional rodeo cowboys, these sturdy, well-fitting jeans have formed the foundation of their top-of-the-line range ever since.

Testing their products on the rodeo circuit, and later with quarter horse riders gave them an edge in terms of strong, long-lasting pieces, and as their range expanded, these pieces became fashion staples in their own right.

Hollywood soon took note, with many big stars going Wrangler-clad, even in their films. Wrangler jeans became a staple of US teen wardrobes in the mid 70s and the line expanded, with more styles and fits than ever.

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  • WRANGLER 1 Malibu Muscle
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  • WRANGLER 1 Strangler Jean
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