Starting out as a second-hand clothing store in Stockholm, Cheap Monday became official in 2004. Their blend of high-fashion and edgy second-hand pieces quickly attracted the love of young and trendy Stockholmers, and soon the iconic denim jean “Tight” with the skull logo hit the market. Unwashed and skin tight, Cheap Monday jeans became an instant hit and saw the brand expand into shoes, jumpers, underwear and accessories.

Since their original denim, Cheap Monday has kept its unique approach to fashion, with high-quality products strongly influenced by European urban subcultures. On the forefront of trends like skinny jeans, jean jackets and high-waisted jeans, Cheap Monday’s line is also known for its classic pieces, from chic retro sunglasses to their casual women’s dresses. Devotees of Cheap Monday love them for their durable, high-quality pieces at extremely affordable prices.

Now found in more than 35 countries and 1800 stores, their distinctive skull logo can still be seen in pop-up stores across Australia. Shop Cheap Monday’s online collection of men’s and women’s jeans, tees and accessories today.

  • CHEAP MONDAY 1 Tight Mens Jean
    $99.95 NZD
  • $81.45 NZD
  • $99.95 NZD
  • $81.45 NZD
  • CHEAP MONDAY 1 In Law Mens Jean
    $119.90 NZD $83.93 NZD
  • CHEAP MONDAY 1 Tight Mens Jean
    $99.95 NZD $59.97 NZD
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