GIRL is to be human

New Release: Love The Progress Collection by Converse

February 27, 2019


Millie Bobby Brown, Actress and Activist: England - “GIRL is powerful”


What does being a GIRL mean to you? Traditional gender roles or grit, stamina, and fight? The creative minds at Converse [shop now] have done some digging in a unique bid to inspire girls worldwide to think deeply about how they define their gender.

Their latest campaign titled “All The Stories Are True” has linked up with five uniquely talented women worldwide to give them the chance to redefine what it means to be a girl. For decades, Converse have provided a canvas for their wearers to tell a story and reflect their own identity, and their latest collection Love The Progress [shop now] takes this to the next level.

Love The Progress [shop now] is an edgy yet feminine celebration of female progress. Designed by female designers at Converse and featuring subtle graphic statements, this collection is all about moving the needle for the next generation. Each design provides a timeless reminder of the power of being a girl, and we couldn’t be more stoked to get our hands on a pair!

Whether you’re keen to take your Cons to the streets, the ballerina lessons, the protest marches or anywhere in between – you can rest assured there’s an army of girls out there who have your back.

Scroll on to find out how these fearless females choose to define their gender:

Stephanie Kurlow, Hijabi Ballerina: Australia “GIRL is influential and a risk taker’


Qin Yungquan, Self-defense Instructor: Singapore - “GIRL is a warrior”


Naomi Preizler, Nonconformist Musician: Argentina - “GIRL is to be human”


Kasia Gola, Tech Expert: Poland - “GIRL is disciplined, works hard and achieves”