MISFIT Nu Wavr Single Fin Surfboard


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  • Colour: Clear
  • Construction: PU
  • Fin Set Up: Quad
  • Fin System: FCS II or Futures
  • Foil/Rails: Low-Medium
  • Concave: Slight Rolled Vee - Double Vee - Vee
  • Tail Shape: Round Pin
  • Wave Size: 2-6ft


NU RAVR In the words of the great Herbie Fletcher, "when in doubt, paddle out". In many ways this is the inspiration behind the NU RAVR; developed initially as a step-uprequest of our original single fin model, the NU RAVR, and by design principle, also classed in the same category as our high-volume guns. Look, the board aint for everyone. You got to want to ride length, pin-tails, single fins, vee, but if that's you, then maan you're gonna hoot your way to heaven on this.

The outline is full Lopez/Brewer 70s inspired - wide point forward for ease in paddling and forward positioning, drawn to a wild winged pin. The wing, along with significant vee from entry to tail is going to aid in rail-to-rail transitions and ride-ability, the pin; well it's to get you piped. The rest is pretty true to period too - foiled with thickness under the chest, but refined inthe tail with significant down rail for hold and water-flow. Rocker is flat for drive and flow, with slight nose flip to aid in getting you into the cabins. It's a modern interpretation of a 70s gun, straight single fin ONLY, built for long points and big bombys.

Size Guide

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'6" 19 1/2" 2 3/8" 28L
5'7" 19 9/16" 2 7/16" 29.1L
5'8" 19 5/8" 2 7/16" 30L
5'9" 19 11/16" 2 1/2" 31.1L
5'10" 19 3/4" 2 1/2" 31.7L
5'11" 19 13/16" 2 1/2" 32.9L
6'0" 19 7/8" 2 9/16" 33.5L
6'1" 19 15/16" 2 5/8" 34.9L
6'2" 20" 2 5/8" 36.4L
6'4" 20 1/8" 2 11/16" 37.7L
6'6" 20 1/4" 2 3/4" 39.8L
6'8" 20 3/8" 2 3/4" 41L

About The Brand

Misfit Shapes is a progressive surfboard label for progressive surfers. Growing up and surfing on Sydney's Northern Beaches has enabled Misfit Shapes to refine their product and shape for some of the best surfers around.