Beginner Surfboards and Softboards


You can learn on whatever board you like, however some surfboards are easier to learn on than others. If you want to progress quickly, you might want to learn on a beginner board such as a soft surfboard also known as a foam board.


What is a Soft Surfboard?

Soft surfboards are the best surfboards for beginners and are mad fun to learn on. Softboards are ideal because the soft foam construction means the boards are really buoyant so it's easier to catch waves. An 8ft softboard is ideal for an adult beginner, while a 6ft board is good for a child who is just starting out.


Why Choose a Softboard?

Apart from being easier to learn to surf on, there are also other reasons to choose a softboard as a beginner surfboard. You are less likely to have accidents from surfboard fins compared to normal surfboard fins as they tend to be softer and rounder. You don't need to wax your softboard as much because the foam itself has quite a good grip. However, it's recommended that you wear a rash-vest or wetsuit when using a softboard as there is more friction compared to a regular surfboard.


Best Beginner Surfboards

The best beginner surfboards right now are from Elnino Softboards and Softech Softboards.


Elnino Softboards - The El Nino soft surfboard range has soft surfboard designs that go from Core, Core Diva and Malibu range right through to the advanced design of the Twinino, a twin fin rock shape.


Softech Softboards - The Tom Carroll signature softboard for Softech is another good choice for beginner surfboarders.


Buying a beginner Surfboard

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