Born in Kansas 1889 from a need to produce stronger, more high quality denim for workers, Lee Jeans are known as one of the legendary and original denim labels. First to introduce the zipper fly, first to have the and Lazy S back pocket stitch for their Lee Riders and, first to create the tight-fitting denim jacket, Lee have set trends around the world with their denim inventions.

Lee Jeans were among the first to introduce the innovative zipper fly to fashion, and only continued to expand onwards and upwards, and more casual, everyday wear; actively catering to fashion cycles today.

Loved by everyone from From cowboys to James Dean to Marilyn Monroe, Lee’s collection of jeans, jackets, skirts and tops acid stone wash alternative culture, Lee have remained at the front of men and women’s fashion.

Spot their iconic Lee leather patches on our range of men’s and women’s jeans and clothing and be a part of denim history in the making.

Now, Lee is most characterised by its identification patches above the back pockets of its iconic jeans. Riders by Lee remain one of the most idyllic lines yet produced by the brand, both made for men, women and children. Lee has taken immense pride in remaining at the forefront of modern fashion with a clothing piece as timeless as a pair of jeans.

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