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Why We're Loving the Soft Top Phenomenon

When it comes to surfing, we’re all about the fun and of late, you may have noticed an abundance of bright colours, loud laughs and innovative individuals gracing your local line ups. Yes, we’re talking about the latest craze to take on the surfing industry, the soft top phenomenon!

Once seen as boards for beginners, the new revolution is taking its turn in the limelight with new hype, new pro models and new novelties than ever before. Once a piece of foam resembling the buoyancy of a small boat, the new age of boards now brings high performance influences on technologies and hardware, with varieties of shapes and sizes to suit all wave conditions now only the norm.

But why the hype? Well for starters, there’s setup for any occasion. Whether you’re charging solid slabs like Jamie O’Brien or Chippa Wilson, or taking it cruisy on a mellow beachbreak around home, the world of foam has something to offer.

These sleds also are manufactured with the highest grade polyethylene and polypropylene, you know those? Think of them as top of the line foams that will provide durability and longevity. Carbon fiber stringers you ask? Yep most boards offer them too, which, to the best of their ability, will prevent any snappage and creasing. Top of the line fin systems? Add them to the list too!

So, will the hype last? You be the judge. For now, here are our picks for you:

1. Catch Surf

3. Softech

*Image by @genasano