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This is Depactus: An Interview with Jarrah Tutton

Welcome to the world of Depactus - functional driven goods paying tribute to every activity from the land to the sea.

We love jumping on board to support brands that deserve recognition, and when it falls exclusively into our own hands, it only makes things sweeter. They say a flower only blooms with sunlight, so with that, we are STOKED (to say the least) to welcome the latest collection from Depactus to SurfStitch.

The range hit the picturesque - and almost unrecognizable - landscapes of Hawaii for their campaign, bringing to life atmospheres both in and out of the water. With high performance activewear, durable trunks, classic fitting tee’s and hoods all in the mix, the brand embodies the lifestyles of those willing to chase the next adventure, go that extra mile and dive that little bit deeper.

To learn more about the brand and the face behind it, we caught up with Jarrah Tutton Jump in, have a chat, and discover the new world of Depactus.

Thanks for taking two to chat, Jarrah!

No worries!

For those who don’t know, where are you based?

I have 8 acres in a small town called Federal, its out the back of Byron Bay.

How did the opportunity to join the Depactus team come about?

My mate George (Hendo) hooked it up, he works with Surfstich and thought that I would be a good fit for the brand.

The campaign and cinematography was shot in Hawaii, though it would be a hard guess that was the chosen location. What were some of the memorable moments while capturing?

Hawaii is awesome, especially the big island! Its so diverse and has such a rich cultural history. We had such an amazing time its hard to only pick a few moments, but hanging out and getting shown around by my local friend Cj Kanuha was rad, we got to see some zones that we would have never of found on our own. Also, diving with Jeff Alberts and Kylie Umeda at South Point. We defenatly felt the Aloha vibes while we were there.

Tell us about your favourite threads from the latest collection and why?

Hard to say... there are so many good pieces in the line. From their surf trunk to wind breakers I love them all, but I especially like the Cascade Mens Jacket.

You made a name for yourself in surfing, but now are particularly known for your diving. What attracted you to this lifestyle?

The lifestyle came naturally, my dad tought me how to do both when I was a grom. Surf when the waves are good and dive while its flat. Also, having the ability to hunt and provide fresh food for my friends and family is something that is extremely fulfilling and keeps me stoked.

Through capturing a heap of seafood, have you learnt any mindblowing recipes you want to share with us? What’s your favourite?

The trick with Seafood is just never over cook it, but for me fresh sashimi is my favourite, especially Tuna with good soy, sesame oil and fresh wasabi, you cant beat it!! My family actually just got me a crazy Japanese sashimi knife for my birthday. So stoked! Thanks guys x

What’s next for Jarrah Tutton?

I'm always chipping away on my property to one day be completely self sufficient, but hopefully lots of surfing and diving and most importantly enjoying life with my mates, my beautiful partner Tash and our Kelpie, Goji.

This is Depactus: An Interview with Jarrah Tutton
This is Depactus: An Interview with Jarrah Tutton
This is Depactus: An Interview with Jarrah Tutton