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More Boardshorts: A Chat With Hurley's Jamie Krups

We recently packed up the quivers and headed across the Indian to the Mentawai Islands to test the latest styles of boardshorts in the ultimate grounds they deserve!

Another face onboard - next to the likes of Asher Pacey, Torren Martyn, Jay Button and Shaun Manners - was Hurley ambassador slash new-to-become-21 year old, Jamie Krups. Celebrating his birthday on the trip, young Krups took full advantage of the variety of set ups, delivering his master air game and powerful assortment of turns and deep barrels.

We pinched Jamie for a quick two to talk standout sessions, recreational activities out of the water, weapons of choice under his feet and more! Jump in and join the chat!

More Boardshorts - Hurley from surfstitch on Vimeo.

You’ve just been shooting in the Ments for the SurfStitch boardshort campaign. Give us a run down of the concept and the good times!?

Super fun trip. Concept wise it was perfectly uncomplicated, just get a bunch of people together on a boat and run across the stretch of the Mentawaiis for 10 days! Being on a boat chasing waves with a good crew really does live up to the hype.

Describe the best and standout session?

The most memorable session would be getting into the Boomerang (The Nomads speed boat) at dusk one day and heading out to the channel at solid Thunders to then consecutively take turns of paddling in on the finless foamy. Everyone was on the boat hooting as the other person would be out getting smoked, it was the best.

What boards did you ride most?

I rode a 5'11" Highline Race Horse.

Did you know the rest of the crew before the trip?

I knew Shaun Manners but didn't know the rest of the crew.

More Boardshorts: A Chat With Hurley's Jamie Krups

Describe what boardshorts you found yourself in most and why?

I wore the Hurley Phantom Blackball shorts the most, 18 inches and black, all I need. (SHOP THEM HERE)

What did you and the fellas find yourself getting up to when you weren’t in the line up?

Recreational activities included lengthy story-time exchanges, supplementary Bintang intake and equipment examination. Everyone was on really eclectic crafts and it was cool to see all the different kinds of shapes and designs people were riding.

Last but not least, give us one funny moment that stood out from the trip?

Again, watching everyone sliding all over the place at Thunders on the finless.

More Summer More Boardshorts from surfstitch on Vimeo.