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MORE BOARDSHORTS: A Chat With Billabong's Shaun Manners

We recently packed up the quivers and headed across the Indian to the Mentawai Islands to test the latest styles of boardshorts in the ultimate grounds they deserve!

To learn more about the journey from the perspective of one of those on board, we caught up with Billabong's Shaun Manners to talk more about standout sessions, what pair of boardies he spent the most time in, how the crew spent their down time and much more.

More Boardshorts - Billabong from surfstitch on Vimeo.

You’ve just been shooting in the Ments for the SurfStitch boardshort campaign. Give us a run down of the concept and the good times!?

Billabong sent me to the Ments with a couple pairs of their newest boardshorts and pretty much said go and have a blast!! And that’s what we did, surfed our brains out, went fishing and talked a heap of shit! Meanwhile the photographer Quinn and the filmier Micky captured the whole lot!

Describe the best and standout session?

The funnest session for me would have to of been a late arvo surf out Thunders. All the boys and myself were drinking tins on the the Nomand (which is the boat we were lucky enough to stay on) a couple good stories were going down and a couple good laughs. Then I can’t remember who it was, maybe it was Asher,  but they said “what are the odds you go out thunders right now Shaun? On the foamy no fins and no leg rope? “

I replied “ummm, five!” so we counted down “3,2,1” and we both shout “4 at the same time” which meant I had to go out!! So all the boys and myself jumped in the boomerang which is the tender for the nomad and pinned it straight to thunders. I jumped off the boat with the foamy and it wasn’t until I got in the line up that I relised that I wasn’t completely sober. Any way I’m bobbing around the lineup waiting for a set, mean while all the boys on the boomerang are skullng bintangs, blasting warumpi band through the boat speakers and having a hell time.

I could see a couple of lumps on the horizon and the boys started shouting “set!! set” As it got closer I realised it was actually pretty solid. i turned around and went the first one that came to me, I somehow got a rail in whilst flying down the face on my bum!! i could hear all the boys in the channel streaming and hooting as I flicked off I pulled back to the boomerang and was rewarded a “Jenny” which is a beer bong that the captain Jake had made, it consist of half a litre water bottle duc-taped to an old fuel hose!!! Was definitely an arvo to remember!!

What boards did you ride most?

I surfed the foamie alot just because its always a laugh, but I surfed a board that I shaped with my Dad. Its got the crazy flyer to chop tail and it seemed to actually work really good. Especially surfing out lances left!

MORE BOARDSHORTS: A Chat With Billabong's Shaun Manners

Did you know the rest of the crew before the trip?

Yeah pretty much had met most of the crew before that trip, but spending 10 days at sea with a bunch of people you get to know them pretty well and we all got on like a house on fire!!

Describe what boardshorts you found yourself in most and why?

I found myself wearing the Retro Acid Platinum X boardshort (SHOP THEM HERE). They are a great cut, they sit just above the knees. They got this cool design were the top half is a light pink and the rest is a low profile black. I loved it because they used the old Billabong patches on the sides of the shorts like the ones occy used to run on his old gear! Last but not least no board short rash that keeps you out of the water when the waves are pumping!

What did you and the fellas find yourself getting up to when you weren’t in the line up?

Telling stories!! No joke I told every story I had on that trip! Good and bad ahah! and so did everyone one else pretty much! Asher told some absolute crackers, couple the surf stitch boys had some good ones too! But no matter how good the story Captain Jake always had one up on ya ahah!

Last but not least, give us one funny moment that stood out from the trip?

Young Jamie Krump’s 20th birthday was hilarious, we played a drinking game called “the wizard stick” it involves a shit load of Bintang and a shit load off tape!! Every time you drink a beer you tape another one on top! And the aim is to drink as many beers as you are tall!! and your not a wizard unless you can do that! Pretty much everyone made wizard status, you can imagine how sloppy that can get on a boat! That day was full of memories that I will have with me for ever!! And some that I can’t remember at all ahah ;)

More Summer More Boardshorts from surfstitch on Vimeo.