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5 Simple Exercises To Benefit Your Surfing With Felicity Palmateer

She’s the absolute charger pushing womens surfing to the limits and promoting body positivity through her lifestyle and social media presence, and it’s safe to say we’ve got ourselves a big ol’ girl crush. On who? On Felicity (Flick) Palmateer! Born and raised in WA, she’s now a permanent fixture on the gold coast, and on the screens of WQS followers the world over. From blowing us away at the Pe’ahi Big Wave Challenge, to holding the record for the biggest wave surfed by an Aussie woman, to the dreamy mandala-inspired artwork she whips up in her spare time – it’s safe to say we’re impressed.

Considering her epic athletic achievements in the world of pro surfing, we decided to hit Flick up for some tips that might help us mere mortals the next time we paddle out for some salt water therapy. So, without further ado, join the conversation as Flick delivers her top 5 tips to stay surfing-fit.

1. "Stretching. Particularly hamstrings, if you keep the back of your body long, it helps prevent a lot of other issues!"

When there’s a good swell running and you’re raring to go, stiff and tight muscles are the last thing you want in the lineup. Incorporating a regular stretching routine is a great way to promote loose, limber muscles that are capable of their full range of movement and won’t be holding you back in your progression!

2. "Cardio. So bike riding, jogging or sprinting - depending on how serious you are!"

Dedicated aerobic exercises such as biking and running are the perfect way to boost your cardiovascular fitness – especially when you throw in high-intensity interval sprint training too! Increasing your aerobic fitness levels means you maximise your body’s ability to transport and utilise oxygen – that’s the good stuff we all want to keep around while we’re in the water!

3. "Swimming"

Incorporating regular swim training will significantly increase your cardiovascular fitness, while also boosting your paddling fitness (which is a massive drawcard for us!). It also develops your ability to withstand a hold down or wipeout due to both the increase in cardiovascular fitness and the familiarity you’ll have with being underwater.

4. "Core and strength exercises. Yawn! Does anyone love these exercises? But so, so important!"

If you’re aiming to be able to carry out high-speed, powerful twisting movements (i.e. those snappy cutbacks that spray the dude who’s been dropping in on you all morning), then you’re going to need some lower body strength. Specifically – core strength and stability. Crucial!

5. "Surf!"

Well – this is the part we’ve all been waiting for. To boost your surfing fitness you need to surf! No surprises there and to be honest we’re kinda happy to have one more excuse to go for a paddle. If anyone asks why you’re surfing so much, you can safely say you’re doing it so that you can surf longer and harder the next time you’re out!

Thanks Flick!