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Meet The Muse: Leanne Maskell For The Hidden Way

Meet Leanne Maskell, the face behind the latest tantalizing campaign imagery to drop from seaside-boho line The Hidden Way. Shot in the coastal wetlands and hinterland rainforests of the Gold Coast, Leanne brings her signature vintage look to the earthy palettes and prints – and it’s safe to say we’re all eyes.

Leanne is a perfect match for The Hidden Way and their uniquely dreamy vibes, but what makes her special is her take on everyday life – she’s one of those characters who manage to emit good vibes wherever they go, with a serious compassion for our environment and the people, plants and animals we share it with. In fact, Ms Maskell has recently made the change to veganism and steers clear of alcohol; all a true testament to the value she places on living an authentic life.

This world could use more authentic gals, and we’re pretty happy to have stumbled across this gem of a muse! Read on for a glimpse into Leanne’s inner world, her childhood idols, her guilty pleasures and the era she wishes she was born in.

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Take a sneak peek at the latest campaign imagery to emerge from The Hidden Way, featuring Leanne.

Meet The Muse: Leanne Maskell For The Hidden Way