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Meet The Model: Gabby Brooks

Meet Gabby Brooks. A star in SurfStitch's Autumn campaign, we caught up with the 18-year-old beauty to get the lowdown on went on behind the scenes, how she'll be styling the 'A Blank Canvas Trend', and what's been playing in her headphones lately.
Meet The Model: Gabby Brooks

Describe yourself in 3 words…
Who am I?!

Where are you based?
Sydney at the moment, although I spent most of last year in London.

What do you get up to when you’re not behind the lens?
At the moment I'm studying a Bachelor of Arts at Sydney University, majoring in Ancient History and Archaeology. So, between shoots and castings I'm either studying, at the beach with friends, reading, or making and eating a delicious meal.

Any hobbies or interests?
I'm an adventurer, and I love the great outdoors. Ancient Egypt fascinates me as does zoology and animals, so I love watching docos on those sort of subject areas. I'm also really into travel, cooking and food - you'll find this and more on my blog.

What was your favourite shoot location on the SurfStitch AW15 campaign?
We shot a morning scene in a beautiful little cottage in Kangaroo Valley. The owner was an interior designer, so the place was decked out head to toe in beautiful little pieces. We also got to make pancakes there, which was a plus.

What pieces from the 'A Blank Canvas' trend will we see you wearing this season?

What was your favourite outfit when shooting the 'A Blank Canvas' trend?
I loved what I was wearing - a t-shirt under a plain denim dress with sneakers. It was so simple, but I think that's why I love it.

I heard the cheeseburger at Bernie’s Diner is pretty unreal, what do you recommend we order?

What was the funniest thing that happened on the shoot?
One of the shots was Shaun and I canoeing down a river. We were told very specifically not to get the shoes or clothes wet. One of the crew members suggested we paddle to the other side of the river and climb out onto a rock, however this meant passing through a rapid. We decided it would be fine if we paddled fast enough, so Shaun and I started at full speed. The rapid caught the front of the canoe and we smashed into a rock. Next thing, we've capsized and were being washed down the stream at full speed. Both of us came up laughing in absolute hysterics, while the crew were freaking out, stripping their clothes off to come and rescue us. It was definitely my favourite part of the trip - especially because it was 30 degrees and we were wearing winter clothes so we got to cool off! Ps. Never swim in Doc Martens - It's not easy.

What’s been playing in your headphones lately?
I'm a big fan of The Strokes. Sticky Fingers also make a regular appearance. I saw Joey Badass play at Falls Festival and have been in love ever since.

Describe your morning routine?
It really depends on the day. My schedule is all over the place with modelling, but it usually involves a relaxing tea in bed, a jog if I have time, and a rushed breakfast before running out the door.

What’s your ideal Sunday?
Wake up to a tea and a nice little read on the balcony before walking to the beach for a swim. I'll then head out on the boat for a fish and a waterski, followed by a picnic lunch on a remote beach we found. Something yum for dinner (maybe lasagne) and then crashing on the couch watching whatever new series I've become addicted to (with a block of chocolate).

Meet The Model: Gabby Brooks