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Behind The Collection: Volcom's 'Shreditation' with Ozzie Wright

Ozzie Wright is one talented individual. Whether it’s expressing his artistic mindset in the water, on a canvas or on many other enthusiastic DIY projects, there’s no denying the man’s got creative skills.

Throughout his years of wisdom onboard the ship at Volcom, Mr. Wright has provided his humble, creative input on many of the brands iconic projects, pulling together an assortment of bright colour pallets, unique characters, and a healthy blend of freehand designs. As you may have guessed, the latest collection, conveniently named ‘Shreditation’, there is absolutely no exception.

In true Ozzie style, the range brings to life everything there is at this stage of his creative mind, paying homage and giving a firm nod towards rainbows with bright colours, out of this world alien beings and much more.

Now officially available HERE, it was only right (excuse the pun) that we caught up to talk all about Shreditation – inspirations, creative processes, the differences and similarities of other works and more.

Volcom's Shrediation Collection from surfstitch on Vimeo.

Yeah Oz. You’ve done a few designs and given your unique, creative input to many of Volcom’s best collections. What makes the latest designs so similar and so different all at the same time?

Well the anti-bad vibe shield is an older one thrown in for the people and kind of a protest shirt against all the cruelty and horrible stuff that goes down, its designed to keep its wearer safe and encourage good vibrations all around.. and there is a little peace out alien guy in the design because I have been into outer space lately, I mean we are all space men really! We are made of stardust, it’s enough to make me wanna celebrate just the thought of what we are and how we exist is so amazing that I'm gonna go for a surf and then hit this Mylee and the Milkshakes gig for a party.

Where’d the name Shreditation come from?

It's meant to say transcendental shreditation it's like some people meditate to chill and enter the zone but I prefer to shreditate!

What’s your favourite piece of the collection and why?

I dunno probably the alien one? I'm into aliens right now.

We all know art is without a doubt a huge part of your vibe and lifestyle. How do you pick what makes it onto the tee’s and what doesn’t?

Well I'm not sure exactly how it all gets picked , I just send in some drawings and then see what happens!

Describe your creative process when asked to do a collection like the Shreditation? How is it the same or different from your normal process of creating magic?

I'm constantly drawing and writing and stuff so it's kind of whatever is laying around at the time really.

Behind The Collection: Volcom's 'Shreditation' with Ozzie Wright
Behind The Collection: Volcom's 'Shreditation' with Ozzie Wright
Behind The Collection: Volcom's 'Shreditation' with Ozzie Wright