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Behind The Collection: The Lobster Shanty

With ‘Salty Threads and Good Times’ as their leading aesthetic, The Lobster Shanty embraces tropical lifestyles through their unique take on fishery and tiki inspired apparel, down to earth attitudes and love for salty feels.

Born and bred in beautiful Burleigh Heads and now equipped with a creative space open wide to breath the ocean air, it’s no wonder the company that once was formed over a few frothies at the local watering hole is on a fast paced growth path, blowing up bigger than ever before.

Eager (to say the least) about learning the ins and outs of The Lobster Shanty, we managed to pinch owner Jarro Dartnell for a quick chat to dive deeper into this up and coming label. Come on in and get your taste of the brands fruition, the design process of each thread, the motto they live by and much more!

Behind The Collection: The Lobster Shanty

Yeah Jarro, thanks for catching up legend! First things first, we're stoked to see The Lobster Shanty on SurfStitch. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the latest collection that's landed just in time for summer?

Well, The Lobster Shanty is a Salty place for tropical people. So I always base my designs, so they slot somewhere in-between a Fisherman’s wharf dive bar and a 1950’s Tiki restaurant.

The designs on the tee's are epic – super unique and creative. Who makes this magic come to life?

I create all things Lobster myself ... from the concept art, final designs & manufacturing, through to the lifestyle & product photography....My mate Chunks calls me the “Shanty Man”.

What's the process from first putting pen to paper, to eventually wearing the garment?

Normally a design is sparked up by some quirky idea or saying over a beer or two. The concept art is drawn up and then procrastinated over for quite some time before getting given the thumbs up, finalized & dropped into the range. All our tee’s are sampled & then printed here on the Gold Coast from 100% Australian cotton. So yeah, I am pretty hands on with the whole process from design to the film separations, mixing of inks and the initial strike offs... and it’s so good having it done here in Australia too.

What makes the latest collection so different from the last?

Well it’s a hell of a lot more tropical I think.... Our first range was more like a nice cold beer but this one’s definitely an island cocktail!

Tell us about the history of the brand itself. Why 'The Lobster Shanty'?

When I was a kid my Grandad had this epic pirate bar full of salty relics and nautical treasures. So along with that and being a second generation surfer I have always had a strong love affair for the ocean & all things seafaring. When I cooked up the initial Lobster Shanty classic logo design, it was just a fun t-shirt I wanted for myself... Super salty just the way I like it. More & more crew started asking for them, so we printed up another batch and it soon became apparent that it wasn't going be a one off conversation piece.

Where you based?

I have a rad little studio, slash warehouse right near my house in Burleigh Heads.... Super close to the beach. So there's always time to get my froth on and being so close I normally ride my pushy or walk to work.... it's epic!

What's a typical day in the HQ like?

There’s never anything typical here...only tropical!

Give us one motto the crew live by?

“F#*k it… let’s Go Surfing”.

Last but not least, after each collection is released, how does The Lobster Shanty celebrate!?

Well, a good celebration always starts off by cracking a few mango tins doesn't it?

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