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Behind The Collection: MinkPink's Summer Range

This summer, we're gravitating towards light and breezy, sunny carefree styles to live and play in, and MinkPink have come to the table with a collection that definitely takes our fancy. With a wide range of features, fabrics, prints and textures spanning dainty polka dots and native foliage prints, to feminine frills and beachy linen blends, the collection is a happy surprise just in time for high summer!

With the latest drop of styles already disappearing fast off the site, we managed to track down the newly appointed MinkPink Creative Manager behind the eclectic range of tie-front crops, wrap skirts and playsuits, denim summer staples, play dresses and more. Meet Jodie McKenzie, the woman with a vision who has been with the iconic Australian brand right from its inception over a decade ago! Jodie is passionate about all things design and all things MinkPink, and this definitely spills over in her enthusiasm and love of the design process in its entirety.

Read on to find out about the unique prints, designs and palettes created by the MinkPink team for this carefree collection, what it's like to work in the MinkPink office, Jodie's op-shopping addiction and her favourite picks from their latest summer collection.

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Behind The Collection: MinkPink's Summer Range

Jodie, thanks for catching up! We hear you’ve recently moved into the role of Creative Manager for MINKPINK – can you tell us about your journey into the realm of fashion design and how it lead you to your current role?

I've been lucky enough to work on the MINKPINK brand in some capacity throughout my entire 12 years in the industry. I started with the brand when it was only a few months old and I was fresh out of college, so you could say MINKPINK and I grew up together. From Design Assistant I progressed to working on the international ranges and leading the MP Shades and MP Denim projects. The Creative Manager role has me overseeing a team working on all aspects of the MINKPINK brand, so it's like coming full circle. 

What do you love about the office/team and what is a typical day like?

There is no typical day at MINKPINK! I spend a lot of time on core design duties such as trend research and concepting, fittings, sample approvals and troubleshooting with our Production team. I'm also regularly meeting with other departments -  reviewing figures and feedback with the Sales team, liaising with Marketing about promotional activities and working alongside Graphics on styling and photo shoots. The thing I like the most about the Design team is that we're passionate about what we do but we don't take things too seriously. MINKPINK has always been about fun and while the team works hard, I think it's important that we don't forget about the fun factor.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

For me it's the very start of the design process, when you concept a range. I love gathering all of my research, fabrics and mood boards together, pouring over them and figuring out the looks, trends, styles and colours I want to include, as well as the overall direction and vibe of the collection. 

Behind The Collection: MinkPink's Summer Range

Does the role of designer spill over into your personal life in anyway?

Absolutely - inspiration doesn't just strike during business hours! I started op shopping in high school and it's an activity I still really enjoy. It's so much fun to find random, unique pieces and it can really spark ideas. I occasionally make the time to sew, but not nearly as much as I'd like to.

Styles from the latest range have just landed on site and we’re a little bit enchanted. Can you tell us about the styles, colours, prints and textures we are seeing this season?

The November range is all about easy wear high summer styles. Key shapes are tea dresses and cami styles with apron necklines, there's also a lot of tie front details which are trending strongly. The colour palette is sunny and bright spice tones and fabrics are light and breezy - think linen blends, rayons and chambray.  

What inspired the unique floral and foliage prints and colours used throughout the collection?

The girls on the Design team love Australian Summer and draw heavily on that "carefree in the sunshine" vibe for inspiration. Floral prints are always a big part of a MINKPINK range and this season they've created abstract and painterly designs in a rich palette of terracotta, golden yellow and shades of green.

Behind The Collection: MinkPink's Summer Range

What is your favourite piece from this collection, how would you style it?

My style is pretty classic and not overtly girly, so in my opinion you can't go wrong with a bit of denim! I'd style the 'Rip Tide Denim Short' with a vintage band tee, some sports slides and a great pair of sunnies.

As the newly appointed Creative Manager, we’re excited to see the direction that you take the MINKPINK brand aesthetic – can you give us any spoilers into the projects and visuals you’re excited to experiment with? Any hints on any upcoming collections?

We've just added some fresh faces to the team so I'm really excited to be working with and developing a team of young, passionate designers. We're exploring new fabric bases and techniques, plus our Print team is focusing on painting, drawing and crafting even more beautiful and unique yardages. There's some interesting collaborations in the pipeline too - so plenty to be looking forward to in 2018!

Behind The Collection: MinkPink's Summer Range