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Behind The Collection: Katin's K-Man Exclusive

The K-Man Collection by Katin - timeless styles, modern twists and the latest exclusive collection from the world’s first surf brand.

A collection that well and truly pays homage to their own iconic K-Man illustration featured throughout the 1960’s, each garment remains made in the USA, the very same as when the brand first came to fruition in 1954 on the sunny shores of Southern California.

Before we learn more, let’s quickly rewind and put it all in perspective. Katin originated from developing top notch boat covers, before moving to the world of boardshorts after many special requests and growing demand. The rest? History. The brands welcoming, genuine attitude and open-arm approach combined with great products proving to be the winning formula 65 years later.

Produced exclusively for SurfStitch, Katin's roots in early surf culture and emphasis on quality, durability and style are still recognised throughout their latest mix. The fine attention to detail is noticed and admired in each classic tee, pair of trunks, fleece hoodie and accessory. It's true - ask anyone, when you pick up a Katin product, you know it!

Learn more about the legendary brand HERE and shop the exclusive K-Man collection HERE. Otherwise, keep reading and discover all things K-Man!

Exclusive: Katin K-Man Capsule from surfstitch on Vimeo.

The brand has such a rich history in both surf and lifestyle, first starting out in 1954. Apart from the obvious, how has this allowed the brand to get to where it is today? You are still so loyal to your humble roots!

Having been born and raised by the beach since 1954, Katin has remained a staple for Southern California culture. We at Katin continue to take pride in our title as California’s first surf trunk brand and have even furthered our commitment to selling high-quality, durable goods, both with the iconic surf trunks and lifestyle apparel, with the same gracious, mellow-hearted attitude since 1954.

Lets talk the latest collection. Give us a rundown. Where did the design inspiration come from for the tee’s?

Both Katin and Surfstitch wanted to pay homage to Katin’s surf heritage, so with that concept in mind we chose to model our collaborative collection after the original surf trunk designs and the iconic 1960’s Katin "K-Man” graphic. The classic Katin “K-Man” was originally drawn by a young, local surfer who used to hang out at the Kanvas by Katin shop in the 60s and 70s. The design became an instant favourite and Katin started using the graphic for their sewn-on surf trunk patches and t-shirts. For this collection, we wanted to re-create that same legendary “K-Man” design atop contemporary clothing silhouettes in company with fresh cuts and new patterns.

We see a great mix of classic logo’s and fresh creative prints and trunks?

As part of our paying homage to Katin’s history, we also drew inspiration from the colorful Katin ads that covered the pages of nearly every newspaper and magazine in the beach cities during the 60s, 70s and 80s. Bold shades of "gnarly navy,” “black sand” and “kelp green” in company with vintage-inspired hues of  “beach tan,” “kook teal,” and “sold gold” permeate throughout this entire collection.

This is obviously something you’ve been specializing in since forever. Tell us why you choose certain cuts, materials, designs, etc?

Clean, simple and timeless is the goal but we also like to have a little fun.  A thought our creative director Jason Rodriguez has when designing Katin product is, “Would Walter and Nancy Katin be proud of what I’ve done?”  As long as we stay true to the brand’s DNA, all will be good. While always keeping one foot on the beach, we also embrace the life of the modern day explorer beyond the beach, providing versatile apparel for both style and comfort.

Perfect for warm water season here in Oz! What’s next from Katin?

While we’ve come so far already since our company’s birth in 1954, we are just getting started. Stay tuned for new and exciting things to come!

Behind The Collection: Katin's K-Man Exclusive

Behind The Collection: Katin's K-Man Exclusive

Behind The Collection: Katin's K-Man Exclusive