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Behind The Collection: Brixton x Fartco

Hearing of two brands linking up to create a unique collection is something we can all get excited about. The merging of creative inputs and outputs, fusing the best of both worlds to create something limited and unique is something that we, here at SurfStitch, not only appreciate, but thrive on.

You may be asking, ‘who’s joining forces!?’ Well on one end, there’s Brixton. A brand known as leaders not followers, it continues to dive outside the box, turning heads in confidence along the way while expressing their lifestyles through unique, high quality products. On the other, we have Fartco, an iconic Southern Californian brand with 60’s styled artworks influenced by the same surf and skate cultures. All in all, a collection of hats and apparel framed on Brixton style and Fartco. attitude.

Check out the entire capsule collection HERE, or join us below as we chat with Brixton’s Design Director, Peter Stoddard to learn more about the range waiting to hit your wardrobe.

Behind The Collection: Brixton x Fartco

Give us a run-down of yourself and your position at Brixton?

I'm Peter Stoddard and I've been the Brixton Design Director for 10 years.

You’ve obviously worked on some epic collections in the past, the most recent being a collab with Fartco. What makes this one so special and unique over others in the past?

This one is great cause (first of all) Nick from Fartco is awesome! He’s into all the same things that we are and understands the culture of skateboarding, surfing, music, hot rods, drag racing, motorcycles etc. So, doing a co-lab with him was fun and completely natural!

What was it like linking up with the team at Fartco? And what first bought the collab idea to life?

We have mutual friends and I’d see his art here and there and was stoked cause its different, quirky and fun with super creative characters and sayings. Kind of poking fun at everything. Which is Nick completely. He doesn’t take everything to serious talks a lot of shit but in a fun way but he has a heart of GOLD. Would do anything for his friends. He’s a cool bad ass!

Tell us the inspiration behind the colours and cuts, and also the characters!? Mullet Man is the best!

We wanted to use bright colors in the prints and not the shirts. We felt that the bright trending colors of shirts wasn’t Brixton but we loved bright prints in Nicks style art. My brother David (Brixton Co-Founder and Brand Manager) has the 67 El Camino and my older brother Ted would say that’s a mullet car. Business up front, party in the rear. So of course, we had to make that a shirt. We grew up at the drags with our dad so we had to do the drag race monster as well DUH!

What’s your favourite piece and why?

I can’t pick a favorite piece, it’s all good! 

Tell us you and the rest of the team celebrate once a collection is finalised and on shelves ready for customers?

That's easy, we celebrate everyday!

Behind The Collection: Brixton x Fartco

Behind The Collection: Brixton x Fartco
Behind The Collection: Brixton x Fartco