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Cue cool sea breezes and picturesque landscapes with stopovers in cute coastal towns for coffee.

5 Reasons to love autumn with The Hidden Way

A cooler change is here and while we bid goodbye to summer for another year, we’re embracing a new season and everything that comes with it. Having trouble coming to terms with the chilly days? We asked the ladies from The Hidden Way for their top 5 reasons to LOVE autumn. 

#1 Road trips and coffee stops

Cue cool sea breezes, picturesque landscapes and stopovers in cute coastal towns for coffee. Is there anything better than discovering a new place with your pals? Our pick for the perfect road trip outfit - the Sara Playsuit (shop now).  

5 Reasons to love autumn with The Hidden Way


#2 Cosy jumpers

One of our favourite things about the weather getting cooler is being able to finally wear those cosy jumpers that spend more than half the year locked away in our wardrobe. We’re all about textures this season and are currently loving the Kacie Texture Top (shop now). It’s so soft, you’ll never want to take it off. 

5 Reasons to love autumn with The Hidden Way


#3 Denim every damn day

Like we needed a reason to wear denim! But admittedly we’re stoked that it’s finally cool enough to wear denim every damn day of the week. One of our favourites from our new collection – the Bella Jean (shop now), is literally one of our favourite pairs of jeans that we've worn. They fit like a glove, are super flattering and come in a perfect denim wash. We’re in LOVE!

5 Reasons to love autumn with The Hidden Way


#4 Cord hats are a thing!

We’ve got a huge obsession with corduroy at the moment, so we had to get the Lack of Color Cord Cap (shop now) as soon as we laid eyes on it. We haven’t taken it off since! 


#5 Campfires

Let’s be honest, all the best memories are made around a campfire. We’re picturing slow afternoons around a toasty campfire, crisp air, big oversized jumpers, marshmallows and some of our best mates. That sounds like a pretty epic weekend to us. 

Image: source unknown