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Gone Pro: Alex Lawton for Element

No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe.

Anyone close to Alex Lawton knows he’s not afraid of a good honest hard days work. He’s certainly paid his due’s over the years, becoming one of Australia’s most recognised street skaters around, cementing forever lasting memories to those lucky enough to witness his abilities in both real time and on screen. A man spending his time between Brisbane, Melbourne and abroad, he’s reaped the rewards of landing some insane tricks, all while taking the beatings that often (unfortunately) come with it.

Recently, the kind folk at Element threw a surprise event to officially welcome Mr. Lawton to the already established prestigious, well respected list of names of past and present global pro’s. Oblivious, he walked into what he thought was a night to embrace fellow rider/photographer Jake Darwen’s photo exhibition at a local Melbourne haunt. Little did he know the crew had something else in mind….

Check out the big unveiling and the rest of the evenings antics below. Congratulations Alex!

Congratulations on turning pro for Element Alex! Tell us all about the day you found out you went pro?

Thank you. Well it all started off the day of Jake Darwen's exhibition that was happening that night so everyone organised to have some drinks and all meet up at our local malt house bar and go from there, but little did I know it was my surprise for turning pro so I definitely wasn't expecting it. I'm so grateful to have all my friends there to celebrate it with.

How did it all start those years ago? How did you first join the Element family?

Back in 2013 I was already riding for a company under the same roof called Plan B and after being in LA that year it was hard getting together with the team. I found myself hanging and skating a lot with Julian Davidson and Nick Garcia and they both where riding for Element, so really once I returned home I ended up asking if there would be a chance I could move over to Element and lucky enough they where all for it! It's all been a blessing from there.

Who were your top 3 favourite pro's growing up that rode for Element?

Jeremy Wray, Darrell Stanton and Chad TimTim.

Over the years on the team, what have been your top 3 favourite Element skate trips?

Hard one! Probably the Rumble Down Under Tour in 2015, the Australian team trip to NZ in 2017 and Element international team trip to Barcelona 2017.

You have had 2 covers of Australian magazines this year, The Skateboarders Journal and Slam magazine. Can you tell us something from the day you shot both of those photos?

The Journal cover was shot in Auckland NZ from our team trip early last year in Jan, definitely was something different. Before we started the trip, Jake Darwen sent me a photo off the spot while he was there and said this spot would be amazing for a photo, but it was really hard to see what he was actually talking about. Once we got there I pretty much wasn't into it, 3 story building that had be knocked down with death drops all around it but to make things even more gnarly there was this crazy security guard that wasn't having it! Out of the 3 times we went back there you would only get a few goes till he would come running out and as Leigh Bolton and Jake where shooting from the ground he would stand in front off them so they couldn't get the much time to get the shot, but luckily enough we got it!

The Slam cover was a lot different, it was shot in LA I had seen the spot couple times as my friends had had some photos ran there and always thought it would be perfect to wallride, I haven't really done one before that wasn't outta a kicker and so high so it a little bit more trickier then I expected. After finally giving it a proper go it all work out and I was lucky enough to score my first cover with them, along side with a full interview from my travels that year.

What projects are you working on right now?

At the moment my main focus is working on the Element brand full length video which is due mid this year.

What have you got coming up for 2018?

Keeping it going, working even harder while staying focused doing something I'm so passionate about!

Gone Pro: Alex Lawton for Element
Gone Pro: Alex Lawton for Element