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5 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Buy A Plane Ticket With Pacha Light

Pacha Light is a one-of-a-kind soul with a story and heritage as beautiful as her outlook on life. Sponsored by Billabong Womens and travelling the world to compete in the QS, it turns out that Pacha’s path to the life of professional surfer includes a fair dose of fate, hard work and pure vision.

It’s almost the stuff of fairytales, but 2011 saw a 9 year old Pacha busking on the streets of Coolangatta during the Quiksilver Roxy Pro to buy her first surfboard. The stars aligned and Laura Enever herself happened to walk past while Pacha was busking. They had a good boogie on the grass verge and then Laura returned later with one of her own boards to gift to Pacha.

It was this fortuitous meeting of souls that set Pacha on her own surfing journey - and she has come a long way! From those humble beginnings Pacha is now a regular face on the QS, with a growing social media following and a passport brimming with stamps, which definitely makes her the perfect person to chat to for some travel inspo.

So, without further ado, join us as we find out Pacha’s top 5 reasons to quit your dusty day job and chase jetstreams instead.

1. “Travel can be the perfect way to find out what ‘lights you up’”

There’s no better way to inadvertently discover a new hobby than by trying out French cooking while in Paris, flax weaving while in Polynesia, or free diving in Tahiti. You literally never know when you might discover your next lifelong obsession!

5 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Buy A Plane Ticket With Pacha Light

2. “You get to learn about new cultures”

We think we live in such a global society because we have everything at our fingertips with the advent of the Internet and social media. But you know what trumps that every time? Actual, real life experience. It’s one thing to browse the hashtag #LaTomatina on Instagram – but it’s another experience altogether to find yourself in the thick of a tomato fight with the Spaniards of Brunol.

5 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Buy A Plane Ticket With Pacha Light

3. “You will hopefully discover something new about yourself”

You know how everything starts out great on The Amazing Race and before you know it things have turned significantly pear-shaped? Well, that’s travel for you. And it will undoubtedly teach you something new about yourself. Like for instance maybe you don’t do so well under pressure, but have a photographic memory for maps?! You’ll never know, until you travel.

5 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Buy A Plane Ticket With Pacha Light

4. “It helps you to gain confidence in connecting with the ocean and nature”

When you find yourself in a new environment or situation while travelling it can really push you out of your comfort zone. This is even more so when you’re paddling out somewhere you’ve never surfed before! Where are the rocks under the surface? Where’s the best place to paddle in afterwards? Are there any scary locals waiting in the carpark? Where’s the best takeoff zone to make it around that section? Navigating these challenges and more means you emerge with a newfound confidence in your ocean-faring abilities!


5. “You’ll definitely learn how to love waking up at dawn! But that’s how you have the most fun!”

Whether it’s the red eye flight or the dawn transfer to the airport, there’s definitely something to be said for those early morning pangs of excitement when you’re travelling somewhere new. The promise of impending adventure floats in the air as you bid goodbye to familiar sights and smells and leave everything behind for the trip of a lifetime. Nothing else compares!

5 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Buy A Plane Ticket With Pacha Light