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Bikinis for midday swims & sun baking, one-pieces for sunrise & sunset swims!

Well Travelled: Meet Lisa Danielle

You’ve probably stumbled across Lisa Danielle’s Instagram when you’re partaking in your daily Insta scroll. We’re obsessed with the picture-perfect places that Lisa and her hubby Jamie jet off to. When Lisa isn’t on the other side of the world, she is busy keeping creative in her hometown of Byron Bay.

SurfStitch exclusive brand Nine Islands recently collaborated with Lisa, so we jumped at the opportunity to get to know her a little better.

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You seem so well travelled! Where is your favourite destination that you have been so far?

Ooh I've decided it's too hard to choose 1 favourite! So, my top 3 are Hawaii, Italy & Morocco. All so different from each other, but each soo incredible in their own unique way.

Where’s next on your list?

Next on my bucket list is Tahiti! Overwater bungalows, swimming with sharks plus cocktails & sunshine, hopefully 2019 is the year I get there!

What beauty products are your go-to while travelling?

I love a great moisturiser & face mist, my favourite brand at the moment is Sodashi.

Well Travelled: Meet Lisa Danielle

Best tip for a long-haul flight?

Ok it might sound a bit extra, but my best tip is to take a full-sized pillow from your bed!! Squish it into a tote bag and pull it out when you’re ready to sleep. It's the most amazing thing ever! Add that moisturiser & face mist and you're basically in a lush heaven.

When you’re not travelling, what are you up to?

I work as a content creator at Spell Designs in Byron Bay!

Your Instagram is so visually beautiful, you have a real skill for capturing those beautiful moments. How did you find yourself creating all of this content?

Thank you so much! When I lived in Melbourne a few years ago, I found myself escaping the city every weekend desperately searching for beautiful spots to get back to nature. Victoria has so many incredible waterfalls, forests & beaches, so I spent a lot of time road tripping & there my love of photography began. I then moved to Byron Bay and creating content organically became such a strong passion of mine.

Well Travelled: Meet Lisa Danielle

Have you got any tips to get the perfect Insta shot?

Use a good quality camera, learn to edit in Lightroom to create your own unique look, keep it real & inspiring!

We recently collaborated with yourself and one of our exclusive brands, Nine Islands. Which was your favourite style from the summer collection and why?

My favourite style was the Donny Tie Waist One Piece! I love a black flattering one piece and this one is such a beautiful shape with a unique textured fabric.

Are you a bikini or a one-piece kinda gal?

Bikinis for midday swims & sun baking, one-pieces for sunrise & sunset swims!

Nine Islands is all about easy, coastal living & finding your own oasis. What’s your favourite way to spend a balmy summer day?

Lounging around our little Byron abode, exercising outdoors, swims in the ocean with friends & coconut margaritas in the evening!

Well Travelled: Meet Lisa Danielle