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Say hello to Camp Cools, the latest collection from Barney Cools encapsulating both their quirky, relaxed attitudes and playful, summer inspired attire. Two things the team proudly reps and two things they, as a brand family, are so well known for. 

“Imagine a place where the pelicans are the size of planes and the cocktails are extra spicy and you can boogie from sunset to sunrise - yep, you're thinking of Camp Cools.” – Nat Taubman, Director.

Stoked to launch the collection on site, we caught up with the brand’s Director, Nat Taubman to chat all about the inspiration behind Camp Cools, as well as the key people involved with its development, where the campaign was shot, the crews favourite styles and much more.

Tune in, read the interview then discover the full collection here - leisure time never looked so good!


Thanks for catching up! We’ve just launched the latest Barney Cools collection on site, and to say it looks incredible is an understatement. Tell us all about it!
Glad you guys like it also, it's definitely one of our favourite collections to date. Camp Cools is our debut global collection for 2019 and was inspired by our own perception of a grown up's wonderland. Imagine a place where the pelicans are the size of planes and the cocktails are extra spicy and you can boogie from sunset to sunrise - yep, you're thinking of Camp Cools. There's a lot of boisterous, conversational and playful pieces which is a pretty accurate reflection of how we roll here at Barney Cools.

The actual campaign imagery and the video highlight each key style in perfect Barney Cools light. Where was it shot and why was this place chosen?
We shot this collection editorial at a retro mansion in Sydney Harbour. From pale pink walls to palm trees and a prime poolside position, it was no-brainer for us. I think we dream of having such a house one day – so we always opt to shoot at locations like that!

Who were the key people with bringing this campaign to life?
Our designer Wes is also the lord behind the lens – he worked alongside our pasta-loving homie and videographer Jacopo. Our Gal team from our womens line Cools Club including Andrea coordinated the womens and of course the larrikin Joey & Bella in front of the camera. Good crew, good result!

What’s your favourite piece from the collection and why?
You can't go past the Pink Flames Holiday Shirt - straight fire attire. Our Holiday Shirts have become ‘must haves’ over the last few summers - they're lightweight, breathable and always have a print that will never fail to bring the party.

Each time Barney Cools drops a new collection is super exciting. What makes this one so different (or the same) from others you’ve done in the past?
We think Camp Cools is something everyone can relate to, there is a huge amount of nostalgic and retrospective references which remind you of times that were a little more stress-free and you had your priorities straight (having fun). It marks the introduction of our panting lineup to SurfStitch including the B.Boxy Chino and the B.Relaxed Pant - two styles that have been very well received thus far and are sure to find a home in some new wardrobes this year. As we continue to grow as a brand, we're presented with more opportunities to test some new exciting styles and evolve some of our older ones which continues to keep each collection fresh and exciting for our crew.