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WATCH: Jay Button, pumping Cloudbreak and a boat full of Vonu beer.

What happens when you round up SWELL ambassador Jay Button, Chippa Wilson, Harrison Roach and a handful of others, place them on a deluxe living yacht in Fiji for 10 days and pack the hull full of the countries latest drop of crisp lager? The Vonu Beer launch campaign of course!

Watch the clip below and then keep scrolling as we catch up with Jay to get a closer look at the trip.

Thanks for catching up mate. Tell us all about this recent trip to Fiji?
No worries legend, It was really a dream come true to get to surf Cloudbreak. But mostly, to do it in  style with 10 guys sailing around on a 50ft yacht through the Fijian archipelago. I had been reading the book Barbarian Days A Surfing Life just before I left, it’s really a great book for anyone wanting to get pumped for surf mission. Honestly, after reading that I was so excited and it was incredible to finally get to go to such a beautiful place that I’ve heard so much about. 

Looks like it was full of laughs and good times. Apart from the pumping waves, describe another standout moment?
There were so many standout moments every day when you have a bunch of people like this so close together on a boat. With a yacht full of Vonu beer it’s sure to be a laugh, however, a big highlight was on one of the last days we snuck onto a floating water park. It was hilarious and so full of carnage too haha! 

What was it like being part of such an epic crew?
It was such an eclectic bunch of humans and each personality  bought something to the boat to make it that much funner. It  was cool to be apart of it. As you said, it was an epic crew! 

Your sponsor SWELL kept you loaded with a heap of new boardies to surf in. What’s your favourite pair and why?
I love the new Rising Up boardshorts. They are super comfortable above the knee and you can surf all day and never worry about rashes!

Wave wise. Describe the best session and what board you rode.
Best session was a late arvo surf with just our crew out at Cloudbreak. It was 25Kns side/onshore and 6ft+ but we were the only ones out laughing calling each other in and just having the best time. I was riding a 6,4 Christenson Carrera quad fin from OnboardStore Byron Bay it’s super fun and fast down the line.

What about any big challenges on the trip?
Space was the biggest challenge on this trip, anyone that has been on a sailing boat knows that a 50ft sailing yacht with 12 humans with 20 surfboards, 40 cases of Vonu beer and a large amount of Pelican case filled with camera gear there isn’t much room to move. Dispite the lack of space we all laughed about it and half of the boys slept outside between boards on the deck. When in Fiji right?

So it’s a big ‘Bula’ to return to the island of Fiji?
Fijians are the friendliest people ever so stoked to be heading back in December with Vonu for “Your Paradise music festival”.