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Treat Your Feet: Birkenstock and Why We Love Them

Let’s rewind the clock. It’s 1774 in the German city of Langen-Bergheim and Johann Adam Birkenstock, then noted as a ‘subject and cobbler’ began his career in what is now simply known as footwear repair. Fast forward close to two centuries later after several generations input and implantation of key learnings, the Madrid sandal is born, thanks to Karl Birkenstock, a statement piece created after hundreds of years of passion to create custom, comfortable and durable footwear.

With the customer (and their feet) always at front of mind, it wasn’t long before modern templates, processes and environmentally friendly procedures joined the list of importance when developing their iconic staples, thanks of course, to the family’s commitment and understanding of what they had set out to achieve.

Now some 200 years, 90 countries and several generations later, Birkenstock are continuing to take the world by storm, each generation of the family heavily involved and helping to expand key learnings and apply them effectively to suit the audience of their modern eras. With some of the biggest names in fashion and even the who’s who of Hollywood proudly representing their choice of style, it’s clear the demand for Birkenstock is continuing grow after its first fruition many moons ago.

So, apart from the rich history, why Birkenstocks? Read on and find out what makes these wardrobe essentials the best for style, comfort and functionality! Then, once your done, grab your new pair here.

They look good.

First and foremost, regardless of the model and style, there’s no denying Birkenstock’s look great for almost all occasions. Whether its sliding through for a casual brunch with the girls, heading onto your next flight for a little getaway, or even out for a day of new adventures getting lost out of your comfort zone, the iconic style of Birks can take you anywhere and everywhere!

Pair with a dress or put together with denim shorts and a tee, the brands variety of styles and colours speaks for itself when capping off any outfit. Cute, stylish and ready to look great every step of the way! With styles paying homage to the original templates, the options are endless and you’ll look great every step of the way!

They are great for your posture, and for your feet!

When functionality meets comfort and style, you know you have yourself a winner! Birkies are just that. With foot anatomy at the top of each styles design, Birkenstocks orthopaedic templates allow weight to be distributed evenly. The results speak for themselves, with many praising the brand for increasing support in their the knees, joints and legs as a whole, which then in turn benefits your posture and overall stability! Winning!

They’ll last forever

Your Birkenstocks are guaranteed to carry you through all of your adventures thanks to the premium materials that make them. From cobbled European laneways to the streets of Bondi, you’re Birkies will get you there every time.

Why you ask? All of the materials that are used in Birkenstocks have to meet the high-quality standards that the brand is known for. Did you know that Birkenstocks are made out of natural materials? Think cork, latex and jute, these materials ensure that your shoes are light and flexible for the highest level of comfort.

“The high level of quality is the result of carefully selected, high-quality materials from sustainable sources that are processed under what are for our brand typically demanding conditions.”- Birkenstock