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The Home of Hardware

Written by our mates at Stab.

For those of us that can, thank the gods we can still surf right now.

We carry on about a lot of peripheral surf fluff around here—stuff that isn’t actually surfing. The politics and economics of people riding surfboards for a job, how much they get paid and what clothes they're paid to wear while they’re not doing it—that'll will always be interesting, But it’ll all be a distant second to the actual act of surfing itself.

Bodysurfing ain't surfing. It’s Bodysurfing. Surfing on the internet definitely isn't surfing, and 'sidewalk surfing" isn’t surfing either because it was renamed. Surfing is riding waves on surfboards, period.

If you ride waves on surfboards, your experience will be thoroughly enhanced with the introduction of a few key bits of hardware. Do it properly. Things that help your feet from slipping off your board and your board from slipping out on a knifed backdoor takeoff, and the truly crucial lengths of hi-tech chord that keeps our thoroughly considered equipment from leaving us treading water in the impact zone, and sending our aforementioned obsessively fine-tuned, custom ordered, utilitarian objets d'art careening fins-first into a richly urchin-populated European rock reef which we will inevitably have to scamper across, which let me tell you a good pair of 3 millimetre booties sure would come in handy...

You know, gear. Hardware. Tools of the trade.

Surf the net, dude!

In the service of putting our favorite surf hardware brands' wares through their proverbial paces, we’ve built just the place - and getting there is easy, just the surf the net dude!

While you're getting the hang of this whole online-only shopping thing, we’ve got a hefty selection available online now - our crew rigorously select the most reliable, trusted, performance accessories (for lack of a better word) that might add a little zing to your surfing, or at the very least keep your board attached to your leg, your feet planted in the wax, and a cold winter current from getting in your bones!

We don’t mean to boast, but we’ve got the biggest range of fins, leggies, tail pads, board bags, soft racks, wax and other necessary bits and pieces going ‘round. Trust us, there's a lot to choose from - we're here to cut through the noise.

Stab did us a solid service by having the most qualified surf scientists professionally test our products, under lab-like/tool shed conditions. So if you’re interested in doing some actual surfing and you need some new tools, take a pass through our hardware lineup.