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The Common Thread Between Us: Jacq

Cold calling strangers is often an awkward affair, other times it’s like talking to someone you’ve known for ages. Jacqui Martin is a 21-year-old from Wollongong and a gifted conversationalist. Her banter is breezy and humorous; just the right amount of self-deprecating. Jaqui is in her last semester of a Visual Arts degree at Wollongong University, and she works as a receptionist at a Medical Centre to fund the operation. When she’s not studying, socialising or working, Jaqui likes to art, in particular sketching nudes, which she states is a cliché, before adding that she doesn’t care because she loves it. Recently she’s been experimenting with oil pastels, and her typical weekend consists of a morning swim, a little sun, money work, uni work, and nearly always going out for drinks with friends.

What dictates what you put on in the morning?
I go for comfort first. I’ve become an avid op shop shopper in the past two years, and that’s where the majority of my shopping money goes as I’m a big fan of sustainable fashion. So I’ve got a lot of clothes to choose from, but it all starts with comfort. I take inspiration for my outfits from hip hop artists, as that’s the music I listen to most, and I also used to work for Bec and Bridge, so a bit of that gets thrown into the mix too.

What is the greatest sartorial fail of your life?
Three quarter cargo shorts, and I used to have a really awesome batgirl t-shirt which I thought looked great as a pre-teen. And having a fringe—bangs are always a bad idea—all three combined was an interesting look.

What is the piece of clothing you’ve always been too scared to buy?
I know there’s some things I just can’t pull off, but if I like it then I generally buy it. Having said that I’m always scared to buy expensive sunnies as I’ve got a bad track record. There’s a pair of Gucci sunnies that I’ve had my eye on for ages, but I’m not sure I could cope with the trauma of buying and subsequently losing them.

What is the piece of clothing that you most deplore?
I used to hate thongs and think that they were the ugliest footwear ever, but I’ve since come around to them. I’m not about to wear a pair, but I’m not disgusted anymore.

Which living person’s style do you most admire?
I really do love Kali Uchis. I’ve definitely gone through her Instagram and then shopped for things that I thought looked similar.

What is your greatest fashion extravagance?
I spend a lot of money on handbags. I’ve got ridiculous amounts of them—it must be around 20-something and I never use them all. I just see them and I can’t help it, it’s become a bit of a hoarding issue.

What’s your single favourite item in your wardrobe?
It was—until it got ruined—a really simple Golf Wang tee in a cute shade with a bumble bee on the front. I washed it with a pair of blue pants and it didn’t work out well, and they don’t make them anymore.

What’s the piece of clothing that you wear the most?
A classic pair of black pants that are so easy to wear with everything. They’re crepe fabric, high-waisted black pants and they go with absolutely anything.

What’s the best thing you’ve bought in the last six months?
I really struggle to find jeans that fit really well, but my roommate got a pair from the op shop that I traded a pair for and they’re perfect. So I didn’t really buy them, but that’s been my biggest win recently. They’ve got a little tag that’s got a four leaf clover so they’re extra lucky, medium blue and they fit like a dream.

What would you wear to your own funeral?
Sunnies and hat to not freak people out, a classic little black dress—nothing too wild—a handbag for sure, little kitten heels and my gold jewellery as always.