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TCSS & The Babe Rainbow: Eternal Japanese Summer

Japan, The Land Of The Rising Sun! Home to dense cities, cherry blossoms, good waves and of course, The Greenroom Festival held in Yokohama.

One brand who are all too familiar with the rich culture and country is our pals at The Critical Slide Society. Each year, the crew pack up from their Sydney based HQ and head north, setting up a pop up stall to showcase the latest collection to their stacks of loyal Japanese followers, to enjoy a few of the country’s best beers and embrace their surroundings at one of the biggest events of the year.

This time around, they partnered with Byron Bay band, The Babe Rainbow to enjoy the vibe, explore the coastline and to play a few sets, all in typical Babe Rainbow fashion. Watch the feature clip below, then keep scrolling as catch up with brand’s head honcho of art, Chris Hope for a look into how the project all came together.


Give us a run down of TCSS and The Babe Rainbow relationship. How did it first come to fruition and why is it a perfect fit?
To put it simply, Critical Slide are Babe Rainbow fans. A friend of ours Marky Hill told us we had to see this band, bringing back some real nice 60’s psych pop with a great vibe. Vibe they have. It seemed bang on for us to partner up for something. We both pay homage to the heritage of surf & music. And neither are afraid of doing things a little different.

Sounds like you have known them for a while! You’ve just dropped a new clip featuring the band. Why was it all captured in Japan? 
We've been following them for a few years. Last year we made a t-shirt for their Laneway Tour. It sold out the first day! We’ve got a good thing going here.This year we took The Babe Rainbow and Film Maker Sam Kristofski to Greenroom festival in Japan. Its a music festival that celebrates Surf, Art, Fashion and Music of course, held in Yokohama. Fun little boozey couple of days hanging out with the other brand, buds and locals.

How long has TCSS been apart of the festival and why is it so important to the brand?
Founder; Jimmy Slide has been a part of it for yonks. Maybe 15 years. He was an exhibiter Artist back then. TCSS has been exhibiting as a brand for 9 years. The Japan market is really big for us. It has been since the very start. We have a great team on the ground there, who have got us in all the right stores. We find it so funny every year. Our Booth swarms with Critical Fans asking for photos, stickers and signatures. it’s kind of wild.

Apart from the live show the boys look like they scored some fun waves! Where were you all mainly surfing and hanging out?
Our friend Masa let us stay in his beach house in Chiba. An hour and a half from Tokyo. Was sweet being out there for a few days, hunting for vegan restaurants and Pale Ales between waves. The odd 7 Eleven have these Creamy Pale Ales. They were the golden Nuggets.

Anything we should know about that’s also in the works?
We have a heap happening at the moment. We just brought on a couple more to join the Critical Slide family. We’re also opening our Store in Bondi next month. We’re launching our new Spring Range ‘Tourist' next week with a really slick clip from our trip to The Maldives with Josh Keogh, Jasson Salisbury & Jerome Forrest. And as always, under the design hammer for the next range. Spring 19!It’ll be our 10th year in the Beach Business. Set to be our biggest effort yet. Other than that - we have that hysterical little piece coming out with you guys…Behind the Brand with SurfStitch! Stay tuned!