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Stomping Ground: Andrew Brophy

You can be a street skater, or a transition skater, or a bowl skater, you can be 'Fresh', or 'Hesh', or a multitude of other things (some of which we don't even have names for)... And, if you skate the bowl at Edinburgh Gardens in Melbourne for instance, you'll see a completely different skate style (and fashion) than you would at say Paddo skatepark in Brissy.... This got us thinking - how do these locations, scenes and spots shape the skater, and how has this phenomenon has helped create what is now seen as one of the most nuanced and multi-faceted pastimes ever? This is the basis of our brand new Skate series,

Stomping Ground!

The idea: to investigate the affect of skate spots on skaters.

The plan: to create a series of skate bio clips, featuring some of our favourite skaters in their local zones. It may be the town they grew up in, or a town they had to move to for work, or somewhere they hang out purely for the skateability.

Welcome to Episode 1, starring Converse advocate and Noosa local Andrew Brophy

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