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Stab In The Dark 2017

Welcome to this year's Stab In The Dark - the defective quest for the world's finest high-performance surfboard.

We’re stoked to once again link up with our pals at Stab and Corona Extra for this creative enterprise! After all, what’s not to love about the planets aligning to showcase one of the world's best surfers experimenting with a selection of blanks provided by the biggest shapers to determine the best high performance surfboard?!

This year, current world number 1 Mr. Jordy Smith put 12 boards to the ultimate test in the pumping line ups of the Mentawai Islands, and let's just say the result is phenomenal (to say the very least).

This is the third consecutive year for the Stab In The Dark initiative, the first with Julian Wilson in Western Australia, the second with Dane Reynolds in South Africa and now Jordy in the Ments, all with the same winning formula - blank boards, one of the worlds best surfers, nothing but complete honesty and a testing ground of their choice. The shapers don't know the surfer, and the surfer does not know the shaper.

Without further ado, sit back and take a ride with Jordy Smith as he determines which shaper takes out the top spot!

“Every board has its character, but more than anything, you really have to try to give the board a go. It doesn’t just take one wave and you go, 'oh it’s done.' It takes a little bit. There are a lot of other factors that go into it." says Jordy when it comes to testing boards.