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Q & A: Road Trip Edition

We asked some of the legends from our campaign some road trip related Q's. Let's see what they said...

Answered by Esther Vis, Nick Alcock, Frosine Henderson, Avan Podhajsky, Capucine MerlantBrydie Watson.

List 3 essentials you can't live without on a winter road trip

E: The worm sleeping bag, uggs for those chilly tootises & a speaker

N: Beers, tracksuit & the sleeping bag suit

F: My Uggs, a puffer jacket & a steamer

A: An Aeropress, my North Face puffer jacket & a Poler tent

C: Hummus, hoodies & my Drag softy

B: Dressing gown, moisturiser (gotta love dry skin haha) & my camera

The best view in Australia to unfold the camp chair and sip on your bevvy of choice

E: This is too hard! I have three: Karijini, Exmouth and Esperance, WA

N: Anywhere overlooking some water on sunset! 

F: The Bluff, WA

A: Bald Rock, NSW with an ice-cold beer

C: I simply cannot say because then there’s the potential of it turning into Burleigh hill and we can’t have that!
I would sip a Little Dragon Ginger Beer there though.

B: Sunset by the ocean! Can’t beat it.

The ideal itinerary for your winter road trip

N: A good mixture of bush and coastal, waves and exploring.

F: Early rise, coffee and surf check, followed by breaky by the beach. Then, a drive around to find some scenic spots! Ending with a beer at a sick location or pub.

A: East coast way to South Aus, then back inland.

C: Jump in the vanno, blare music from the 2000’s and arrive at my destination feeling like an absolute queen. From there, I’d surf then have a sunset bev & hit the hay by 8 ('cause I’m a granny).

B: Probably go north west…Avoid the cold as much as possible and find waves and remote places.

This or That - Coastline or Country? Sweet or Savory snacks? Van or 4WD? Winter or Summer?

E: Coastline - Savoury - 4WD - Summer

N:Both - Both - 4WD - Winter getaway & summer at home

F: Coastline - Sweet - 4WD - Summer

A: Both - Both - 4WD - Winter

C: Coastline - Savoury - Vanno -Winter

B: Coastline - Sweet - 4WD always!! - Summer

Top 5 songs for the ultimate road trip playlist 

E: 1. Baby - Ariel Pink 2. Gap In The Clouds - Yellow Days 3. Blue World - Mac Miller 4. Cold Little Heart - Michael Kiwanuka 5. Sunny - Biig Piig

N: 1. Can’t You See - Waylon Jennings 2. Who Are You - Twerps 3. Johnny And Mary - Robert Palmer 4. Running Down A Dream - Tom Petty 5. On The Road Again - Canned Heat

F: 1. Tiny Dancer - Elton John - 2. Lovely Day - Bill Withers 3. Booster Seat - Spacey Jane 4. Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clear Water Revival 5. One Of These Nights - The Eagles 

A: 1. Claudia, Wilhelm R And Me - Roberto Musci 2. Charles Jr. - Jorge Ben Jor 3. Ajoyio - Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey, His International Brothers 4. Check My Machine - Paul McCartney 5. Beam Me Up - Midnight Magic

C: 1. Let's Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez 2. Livin’ la Vida Loca - Ricky Martin 3. Waterloo - Abba 4. Amazing - Alex Lloyd 5. Fig in Leather - Devendra Banhart

B: 1. Make Me Smile - Steve Harley 2. Sweet, Sweet Love - Russel Morris 3. Walk of Life - Dire Straits 4. Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith 5. I’m on Fire - Bruce Springsteen


Listen to our Skipping Town playlist to guarantee a silence-free car ride - a wonderful curation of all forementioned tunes.