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PLANET POSITIVE X GOOD SURF WAX: Let's Talk About the Surf and the Bees
Surf wax is the one thing within this current war on waste that no one ever talks about, yet it's so damaging.

PLANET POSITIVE X GOOD SURF WAX: Let's Talk About the Surf and the Bees

July 16, 2018




We’ve all heard the deal with bees by now, right? A globally declining population struggling against the effects of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, mites and deforestation… in some regions, up to 90% of bees have now disappeared. Within 4 years of a global bee die off – humans would all be dead, too. If that’s not scary enough, we’ve now got another reason to start planting roses and leaving water and honey on the windowsill – without bees, we wouldn’t have our favourite planet-friendly surf wax!

Founded by Adam Harriden in the cruisy backwaters of Noosa, Good Surf Wax sources their golden elixir from old-school beekeepers within their community, then mixes it with pure organic coconut oil to magically deliver some of the finest stick to ever grace the deck of your board. Their product is a result of pure innovation and veers a full 180 degrees away from traditional surf wax recipes that boast a host of dangerous ingredients such as petrochemicals. Petrochemicals actively contribute to marine chemical pollution, and when you think about it, it really doesn’t make sense to pollute your backyard playground. Especially when you realise that the wax that falls off your board was never designed to be fish food.

Good Surf Wax is Adam’s answer to safeguarding the oceans we play in, and we’re stoked to have caught up with him to chat all things planet, surfing, business and bees! Hear about how he first came up with the idea, what it’s like working with beekeepers and surfers, where he got the idea for the fully biodegradable packaging, and more.

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Thanks for catching up! Can you tell us who you are and your position at Good Surf Wax?
Thanks guys! My name is Adam Harriden and I'm the founder of GSW.

Can you give us a bit of the history behind the brand?
The brand was started about a year and a half ago. I had met a local bee farmer in our area who was telling me of his struggles with climate change and how he was having to sell bees wax overseas to help make ends meet. I wanted to find a way to help him out and keep the product here in Australia. I also had always wanted to develop an eco-friendly wax that was made from 100% eco-friendly ingredients. I started doing some research and realised I had what I needed in my very own backyard and I could use what our farmers were already producing. I started tapping our local pine trees for sap and I would attach my old coffee cups to the trees in our backyard - this then gave me the idea to house wax in a coffee cup that could sit in my cup holder when driving to the beach. We spent the next year and a half reaching out to surfers all around the globe to test it and help us create change. The rest is history!

How is Good Surf Wax different from others on the market?
What we found was that a few brands had dominated the market for decades with little to no marketing. They'd also been using paraffin-based chemicals that are incredibly bad for our oceans. Not only this but most were manufacturing the product in a way that was harming the environment. Yes we found there were eco brands out there also, but they didn't really perform, and had left a bad taste in surfers mouths. However; our wax works, it's that simple. It doesn't hurt anyone or anything. We're also 100% transparent about what is in our wax - there are no secrets, no mystery additives and no gums - we keep it simple. We also simplified the product catagory with two types: Soft and Hard. As surfers we were sick of seeing hundreds of colours and different types coming onto the market when all we wanted was some good wax that worked. It doesn't need to be so hard, right?

Why was creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly wax front of mind when creating the brand?
We need to change our habits as surfers - it's that simple. For us what is so frustrating is that wax is the one thing within this current war on waste that no one ever talks about, yet it's so damaging.

Describe the process of how the wax is made and why it ticks all the boxes sustainability wise?
We collect our wax straight from our local bee hives. They are all in countryside locations where pollination can be its best. We then transport this wax straight to our shed and into our vats. We don't emit any greenhouse emissions while melting our wax down. Once the wax is melted down, we then pour and package by hand into 100% biodegradable cups with paper lids. We are 0% waste as there are no chemecials or dirt within our wax - it's pure. It then goes onto our boards :)

Who are some key people involved with the brand?
It's a family-run business so my wife, our three kids, and our friends all chip in to get orders processed and keep the brand alive. We wouldn't be here today though if not for our riders. We worked hard to align with those in the community who were good people, cared about others, could talk about change and surfed amazingly well. We've been blessed to get riders on board from all across the globe and locally, who have all become friends really. Our current team includes our guys Jared Mell, Tommy Collman, Ry Chapman, James Smith, Zac Gunthorpe, Tom Wegner, Sean Tully, Jade Blair, and our girls Malia Haller, Clair Sull, Lara Murphy and Kelis Kaleopaa. I've probably left someone out, oops! Again, we've more welcomed these riders into our journey rather than a formal relationship. We never forget the value they bring to us and we feel honoured to have them. And our farmers are our backbone - we know day in and day out they're in the fields caring for our most precious resource: our bees. If the bees go, we all go... it's all over. I think people forget that.

What’s one message you want our audience to know? How important is being conscious of what’s going into our oceans?
Make your next wave a clean one. Change isn't easy but it's worth it and the ocean we live and play in is dying. And we are killing it with our habits. If I could get surfers to do one thing, it would be to think about what they put on their boards. Ask yourself the question: whats in my wax? And then join us for change.