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Planet Positive

August 24, 2021

Welcome to Planet Positive - our edit of all things ethical and eco-friendly.

We wanted to celebrate and share some of the steps we are taking to move towards becoming more 'Planet Positive' as an online retailer, as well as sharing some of our favourite sustainable brands. Keep reading to find out more! 



PROMOTE ENVIRONMENTALLY FOCUSED EVENTS: This year the SurfStitch and Mr. Consistent crew got together to clean up the beautiful coastline of Broadbeach. Our staff spent the morning picking rubbish up off the beach and disposing of it correctly. Next month on the 22nd of September, we will promote World Car-Free Day and encourage employees to walk to work, catch public transport or carpool.

DONATE AGED INVENTORY: SurfStitch is committed to donating aged inventory to our friends at Thread Together. These clothes and shoes go to people and communities in need - decreasing fashion waste and excess whilst spreading kindness. These are a great solution to the huge textile waste problem that can be found here in Australia. So far, we've donated twice this year and saved these clothes from entering potential landfill. 

TRANSITION TO COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING: Last but not least, this may be one of our most exciting initiatives so far. We will be making the switch to compostable packaging with One Sustainable Planet in November. The packaging will be suitable and certified for both domestic and commercial composting systems. All packages will degrade within 90-180 days, depending on the system used, plus the conditions.



  • Get creative & upcycle your clothes

  • Take care to extend the lifespan of your clothes

  • Compost your packaging

  • Sell/swap/donate unwanted clothes

  • Support specific organisations


Shop our Planet Positive edit where you can find clothes that are made more consciously.

How does a garment get the Planet Positive tick of approval? Find out here