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Model Spotlight: Kristina Mendonca

We caught up with another stunning face of our Swimwear Rituals Campaign, Kristina Mendonca to dive deeper into her favourite summer rituals, learn more about her massive bikini collection, discover what her other essentials for summer are and a heap more. Come in and find out more for yourself about the Sydney based blonde bombshell.
Model Spotlight: Kristina Mendonca
Thanks for catching up Kristina! Can you give us a rundown of who you are and what you are about? Hi guys! My name is Kristina. I’m a full time model, Monday to Friday and I am based in Sydney. I have three American staffies and wing my life day by day. I love my job and I love SurfStitch! Can you describe your summer rituals? My unique summer rituals would be to go out in the sun for a minimum of two hours in summer, I just love to go the beach – even if its just to check out the surf or take photos. Describe summer in 3 words. Amazing, happy, fun. What are your favourite things about summer? My favourite thing about summer is when my mum or dad will put on a bbq and I can sit on my balcony outside in my bikini, not stress about having to choose an outfit or what to do. I can just put on my bikinis and go down to the beach. Where is your ultimate summer getaway? My ultimate summer destination would be Bora Bora, I would just love to be there for all of summer.
What’s the most essential summer accessory other than a staple bikini? A camera and maybe a towel everywhere you go. No matter where you are or what you’re doing you just want to jump in the water. Describe your bikini collection. I think I would own over 500 bikinis, I couldn’t even count, there is just so many! I love really plain cuts and colours. My favourite bikini of all time would be from Zulu and Zephyr. I think their style is really unique, it’s raw, it’s not to over the top, that’s like me. You have been left alone on an island with two other individuals, who would they be and why? That's a good one! I'd take Eminem so he could rap to me and my best friend Eden so she could keep me sane. With her I wouldn’t even feel lost, it would just be like our own little island. What will we catch you doing when you aren’t in front of the lens? I would be at home watching suits, or taking my three American staffies out for a walk. I actually hate taking photos when I am not working. I really just like to chill.