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"Scoring waves on roadtrip? Probably one of the best things ever!"

Ladies Of The Sea: Isabella Nichols

Welcome back to Ladies Of The Sea, a segment celebrating the talented women in surfing whom are each making a mark in the scene through their unique styles, varieties of different chosen crafts and hunger for adventure.

In this episode, Billabong’s Isabella Nichols escapes the hustle and bustle of Coolangatta to venture south across the border in search of empty peaks and humble surroundings. Why is jumping in a car and escaping the mundane of some of the world's best waves so important? Hit play below and find out! 

"Doing a surf day trip down the coast has been like, a thing, you have to do once every couple of weeks just to escape your normal routine." - Isabella Nichols.

Ladies Of The Sea: Isabella Nichols
Ladies Of The Sea: Isabella Nichols