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Sharks have the most powerful electrical senses in the animal kingdom

Introducing the New Modom Shark Leash


Shark Deterring Technology, the music to many surfers ears, has finally hit the shelves, thanks to the crew at Modom Surf.

We’ve seen the technology create noise in the past, though this time there is something different, with the companies test results reported to blow other competitors out of the water. Weighing just 70 grams and functioning the same as any other leg rope, the product is seeing many people line up to get their mitts on the next big thing to hit surfing, with the likes of Kelly Slater, WSL Commissioner Kieren Perrow and the entire Modom squad proud to be repping the leash out in the water, and feeling safe every second along the way.

With many of the world’s best waves situated in waters we share with sharks, including a few stops on the World Tour (JBay, Bells and Margaret River to name a few), it’s certainly a standout product for the future and step in the right direction for science and surfers alike.

‘Sharks have really powerful senses, the magnetic field that’s in the shark leash disrupts those senses. It’s always on and it’s always ready to go.’ – Mark Mathews.

First things first guys, tell us how the the technology works.

The MODOM shark leash uses SharkBanz Patented magnetised technology. Sharks have the most powerful electrical senses in the animal kingdom and Sharkbanz patented magnetic technology disrupts this system causing a highly unpleasant sensation that turns inquisitive sharks away.


How does the leash differ from other products that have tried to repell sharks in the past? Word on the street is your test results are game changers.

The product is only 70 grams more than a standard leash and can allow you to surf at your peak performance while reducing the risk of a shark encounter.

How exactly did you test it?

Our technology partner SharkBanz have tested the Shark Leash using Shark Defence Scientists tin the Bahamas on a number of species of Sharks include Bull, Tiger and Reef Sharks. The testing was performed using Baited fake legs with the leash cuff connected.

Does it affect the weight or feel of the leash?

The leash only weighs about 70 grams more and when worn doesn’t limit performance.

Obviously Mick Fanning's encounter at Jbay got the whole world tripping on the presence of sharks, particularly for those involved in the surfing world. Do you see these leashes becoming a leading product for the competitive tour? Surely the product should be a necessity for some of the spots on tour?

The Shark Leash has the potential do be used by many of the World Tour Surfers as it does not limit performance and gives them good piece of mind.

6. Who are some of the names already lucky enough to be sporting these goodies?

The MODOM Ambassadors including Jack Freestone, Taj Burrow, Craig Anderson, Kalani David, Noah Beschen, Alana Blanchard, Tom Whitaker, Mark Mathews. We have also had a number of tour guys like Kelly Slater test out the product during Bells.