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Here's 4 Things To Blow Your Tax Return On

It’s that time of year folks! Tax return season is upon on us, which to us, means it’s time to treat yourself! Sure, there’s the obvious boxes to tick, including paying off that annoying debt or saving a chunk for an upcoming holiday, though then there’s what's leftover. Those extra dollars that scream ‘spend me’, without any of the guilty aftermath.

Sure we’ve got all the latest trends and brands for a new wardrobe (you can shop men’s here and women’s here), but that's a no brainer. Allow us to guide you in the right direction for those items that are a little bit different! Why you ask? More like why not! Treat yourself to these 4 must have items!

GoPro Hero 7 Black

A no brainer for anyone wanting to capture life’s adventures in 4K. Go straight to the top of the camera game with GoPro’s Hero 7 Black! Featuring hypersmooth stabilization, waterproofing up to 10 meters, timewrap video, live streaming, 12 megapixel photo and more, this one is worth every last penny. Grab yours and be set to embrace life’s moments for years to come! Shop here.

Marley Stir It Up Retro Turntable

We know you love that vinyl is back, that’s why the Stir It Up turntable from Marley is a must when it comes to tax time. Made from sustainable bamboo and hemp, the chic aesthetic not only looks the part, but plays the part, bringing those retro feels and classic sounds to life like never before. The turntables built in switch pre-amp also allows for seamless compatibility with any other Marley speakers or in-home receivers. Your ears will never be happier, grab yours here.

Catch Surf Beater Board

Ok, this one might be angled more towards those surfers out there, but if an injection of fun to your local line up is what you’re chasing, Catch Surf’s Beater boards are the ultimate solution. The goal for these soft top templates is simple, to turn any average day into a high stoke session to remember! Ride with fins or opt toward finless for an extra challenge, either way it’ll feel like summer and you’ll have a smile on your dial. Shop here.

Marshall Homeline Bluetooth Speaker

With over five decades experience in sound and design, Marshall and their Homeline Speaker bring that big stage presence home for your listening enjoyment, regardless of your favourite genre! Hitting high trebles with ease and incorporating your custom liking of bass to ensure clear listening, it’s multi host bluetooth functionality allows you to play the perfect party host when it comes playlist time. Grab yours here.