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Penny Skateboards Presents: 'Open Roads' with Grant Noble

Surf, skate, snap. Three terms Newport Beach local Grant Noble humbly lives by each and every day. In the latest installment of ‘Open Roads’, episodes presented by our pals at Penny Skateboards that focus on capturing daily adventures of creative individuals, we follow Grant and his multitalented lifestyle along the shores of California - in the water, out of the water and behind the lens.

Watch the clip and be sure to keep scrolling, as we catch up Grant and talk more about the new release, who influenced his signature lifestyle, his boards of choice and much more. Heck, there’s even his custom built playlist!

Penny's OPEN ROADS Series – Episode 02: Grant Noble from Penny Skateboards on Vimeo.

Yeah Grant! Thanks for catching up. Your new clip in Penny's Open Roads series is sick to say the least. What was it like filming with George?

Awww thanks dude means a lot...but filming with George is super sick.  It was super easy because we would see each other at Sano so often that I’m sure we both were surprised something didn’t happen sooner.

How long have you been skating for and who got you into it originally?

I got my first skateboard at 5 but I was one of those kids just pushing on your knees doing coffins on it and shit.  I really got into it in middle school.  Around that time it was such a good tool for staying active when the wave were flat and good transportation device because I couldn’t drive a car yet.

Penny Skateboards Presents: 'Open Roads' with Grant Noble

Growing up, who influenced your signature, cruisy style – not just in skating but life in general?

Still to this day growing up, some of my best friends and mentors have shown me the way and influenced my style.  Tanner Prairie, Jobin Bookout and Alrik Yuill just to name a couple.  They are all stoked they all have a creative niche too, tanner makes boards, jobin paints real well, alrik is all the above plus sculpting.  They all have a huge impact on the way I do things..  Always at your own pace, and to not do it if it doesn’t make you happy. 

What stands out most for you in Southern Cali/Newport Beach skate culture?

The skate culture in Newport/Costa mesa is super funny.  The ocean is maybe at most 10 minutes away from the skatepark and like 90% of the skaters don’t surf.  Pretty gnarly haha

Tell us your boards of choice both on land and in sea?

This is like picking out a favorite child! I love all surfboards and skateboards but at the moment since the waves have been pumping I’ve been riding this hybridy performance/traditional twinny that I made a little while ago.  Love skateboards but it’s been too hot to touch one.

What about your tool of choice when it comes to photography? What makes it so special?

It’s crazy, everything that I do has some sort of connection, I’ll just bring a camera on a surf trip or if I go skate the streets and any picture  you take acts as something special, a frozen moment of time. 

Tell us about any stacks or funny moments during the filming process?

I was lucky enough to not get hurt skating at all, got smoked on a couple waves that day, there were a couple insane tubes.....but on the other hand literally, my girlfriend Emma did a handstand when we were filming by the van and fully roasted her palms. She had some pretty massive blisters on her palms but she’s all good now haha

Apart from the obvious highlighted in the clip, who and what do you fill your days with?

That clip is a huge part of my life.  Surfing, skating, and taking photos almost everyday.  I also try and shape as many boards as possible, they have been going through at Russell surfboards in Newport along with time working the retail store of theirs.

Love Grants style? Shop Penny HERE, and get a taste of his love for music below!