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Let's Hear It For The Dads!

August 19, 2021

Father's Day is nearing! It's time show appreciation for the fathers and father figures in your life.

We thought that there was no better way to commemorate this day than to shine a light on our very own dads working here at SurfStitch. We asked Dane Patterson, Michael Brown, Tim Allen, Chris Cooney, Shane Connors and Luke Scharkie a few dad-related Qs...

Chris Cooney - Senior Photographer

Your all-time best dad joke?

D: Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was out-standing in his field.

T: Did you hear, The Norwegian Navy have started to put barcodes on their ships? So they can Scan da navy in

C: Where do cats like to climb? The Meowtains

M: How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it!

S: Where u born on the Highway? Because that’s where most accidents happen.

L: What did 50 Cent do when he got hungry? 58

Luke Scharkie - Brand Manager

Do you have any Father's Day traditions?

D: My first is coming up so hoping I can set some good ones that last. Maybe a big family lunch but also some dad time for a surf or round of golf.

T: We always have an extended family lunch with Pop.

M: Nope, not yet – this is my first Father’s Day.

S: Kids make a big messy breaky, Dad gets to clean up and I get a Guinness at lunch as a reward!

L: Beach day!

Michael Brown - Digital Marketing Manager

Top 3 items you're adding to your shopping cart from our Father's Day promo?

D: 1. Box Swell Hooded Towel 2. Cooper Long Sleeve Cord Long Sleeve Shirt 3. Ancient Factions Mens T-Shirt

C: 1. Fangtooth Long Sleeve Tee 2. Matt Mud (Max Hold) 100G 3. Hero 9 Black Camera

M: 1. Mens Old Mate Thong 2. Boony Straw Hat 3. Wisdom Tee

S: 1. Phonic Mens Denim Jean 2. Keenan Cord Pant 3. Tecate Shirt

L: 1. Roses Mens T-Shirt 2. Crux Mens T-Shirt 3. Cruiser Turntable + Gpo Bluetooth Speaker 4. Classic Slip On Shoe

Tim Allen - Photographer

Best piece of advice you've ever received from your dad or you've ever given to your children?

D: My Dad was all about me having a 5 year plan which was annoying as a teenager but did help me make decisions and a good exercise as an adult, thanks Dad!

T: People matter, things don’t.

C: Giving is more rewarding than receiving. And never eat yellow snow.

S: Always give your kids support in anything they attempt and be proud that they had a go! Thanks Dad x

Dane Patterson - GM Brand and E-Commerce

What is the funniest question your child/children have ever asked you?

D: She’s a long way from asking me questions but I look forward to answering them.

T: She can't talk yet but I imagine it will be funny when she can!

C: "Hey dad, how do you know Grandpa?"

S: "What was life like without TV?"

L: He’s not talking much yet but he calls everything purple which is quite funny.

Shane Connors - Supply Chain Manager


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