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Denim 24/7 with @ellidy_

For dusk or dawn, denim is all you need! We discussed dusk, details and denim with Ellidy Vlug.

Where's your favourite beach and why?

Bluey's Beach in Pacific Palms has to be my favourite beach on the east coast, since I was little. There's a cute family of cows that reside on the farm at the south end of the beach, they have the best view at sunset as the farm is on a hill. Chump and I always made sure we stopped there for a night or two every time we were on the road down to Sydney, it holds a special place in my heart. It's also dog friendly which we love!

How do you style your jeans?

I always love boots and a belt, and maybe an ankle roll too.

What are some things you love about Australian winter?

As I've gotten older I really enjoy the earlier sunsets in winter - rugging up and heading to the beach for last light with my dog and then grabbing takeaway on the way home and watching a movie.

What's your beachside beverage of choice?

I love a ginger beer but definitely a red wine if it's chilly.

What's your typical Friday afternoon?

Usually about 10 margaritas with Chloe and the girls anywhere that has happy hour!

What is your go to fit and size?

I love a mom jean or straight leg, high waisted always! And sometimes a little rip or two just so old people can point out that "you've got a hole in your jeans" I usually opt for size 9, or 10 depending on style.

What are 5 songs you can't stop listening to?

1. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison 
2. Buzzin' - Shwayze, Cisco Adler 
3. Seabird - Alessi Brothers 
4. Most Really Pretty Girls Have Pretty Ugly Feet - HNNY
5. Colour of Your Eyes - Chumpy and the Sunsetaroonies

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