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We wanted the collection to feel like those unplaceable bits of ephemera, emotional tokens for the cloudy way we archive feelings and experiences.

Collection Call Out: Deus Ex Machina x Young Jerks

Visually pleasing, high quality garments meet creative graphics and typography in ‘This Must Be The Place’, the latest collaborative collection from Deus Ex Machina and Young Jerks. A curation made up of shirts, tees, jackets and more, the range celebrates the eight-year long journey both brands have been a part of since the design of the very first project together, this time drawing inspiration from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

In their words, "the title of the collection is ‘This Must Be The Place’ which is a cool time capsule of the work we’ve been doing and our collaborations with Deus over the years. They’ve always done such an amazing job of taking our artwork and making beautiful things out of it. We were just really hyped about being part of that process from start to finish. Think souvenir tokens that represent both parties distorted memories and stories."

Keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Dan Cassaro and Dan Christofferson as we dive deeper into the fruition of this collection and the creative messages behind it. Want it in your wardrobe now? Click here!


For those who don’t know, can you introduce yourself and tell us what are you about?
Young Jerks a creative studio led by Dan Cassaro and Dan Christofferson. We pull from early and mid-century typographic and illustration traditions to create work that is visually efficient and distinctly American.

For those who may not know, who are Young Jerks and where are you based?
Brooklyn, New York.

You’ve just linked up with Deus for an exclusive collaboration collection. Tell us how this first came about?
Deus is Young Jerks' oldest client and creative partner. We made a logo for them almost 10 years ago and we've sort of shared a kind of creative trajectory, working with them ever since. They have a looseness and a flexibility with their look that makes them great to work with.

It seems like the perfect link up. Run us through the collection and the inspiration behind it? How does your world meet that of Deus’?
In a lot of ways this collection feels like the culmination of our partnership. Deus has always let us slip in our own copy and voice into the projects we work on and it was exciting to have a larger field to play in this time. Getting to be more involved in cuts and materials and those parts of the process was extremely exciting and rewarding for us.

Explain the inspiration of the collection and the design process behind it? Do you have any quirky ways of doing things? 
Visually this collection is a tribute to the sort of ephemeral underbelly of commercial art. Weird souvenir shirts and outsider graphic design and untrained signpainters making their own advertising art. We love that stuff. We love finding lettering or illustration that is lovingly made, carefully executed and just completely wrong. There is a humanity in that look that Dan and I are always kind of chasing. We wanted the collection to feel like those unplaceable bits of ephemera, emotional tokens for the cloudy way we archive feelings and experiences.

What is your favourite piece in the collection & why?
I think the "Bad Manners" shirt feels like a favourite and a good distillation of the collection. It's a heavy concept treated with a light heart, and worn like a souvenir. There's a thin line between depth and frivolity that we're always trying to dance on.