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Campaign: Hardly Soft

When it came to showcasing the latest batch of the most unlikely of trending surf items (the mindlessly entertaining foamie) we knew a few artsy snaps of surfers cruising stylishly down the line wasn’t going to cut it.

Surfing foamies is just about as much fun as you can have whilst still clothed, but they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing objects. Our solution was to link up with Stab and employ Dan Scott—Port Macquarie-based film savant and certified surf operator—to round up a gaggle of accomplished flyboys, collect a car full of the latest soft surf offerings, call a mate with a jet ski, whip our heroes as fast as they could at a smattering of beachbreak peaks and see what happened. What ensued was, in Dan’s words “absolute carnage,” and “one of the most hilarious shoots I’ve ever been involved with.”

Seeing as the water on the east coast of Australia was nudging the low 20s, we also decided to combine our soft craft curation with a sartorial look at the season’s best wetsuit vests, and packed a box of rubber into Dan’s car for good measure. The crash test dummies we employed for this unique mission were Port Mac style lord (and all around good guy) Benny Howard, Benny’s best mate from up the coast in Crescent Head (and one of the trickiest surfers in Oz) Robbie Pugh, and laugh-a-minute Novocastrian (and beautiful surfer in his own right) Lewie Dunn. As chance would have it permanent bowl-cut wearing fun boy Harry Bryant was driving up the coast on route to relocating his transient existence to Noosa with his girlfriend, so he met the gang in Newcastle and thus began three days of mach ten whips and endless belly laughs.

Hit play below and enjoy ‘Hardly Soft’, then shop our entire soft top collection here.