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Crazy and creative antics, two simple words that sum up the team at Afends. Whether it be on their chosen craft, knee deep at a house party or cruising a new zone on foot, it’s no secret Garrett Parkes, Sean Mawson and the rest of the crew love to celebrate all that comes with youth culture – good times, good mates, early morning and late nights.

To showcase a look into the lives behind the brand, they packed up and hit India, New Zealand and the shores of their own backyard of Australia for over a year, all in all to capture what Afends as label stands for – surfing, skateboarding, travel, music, all on one hell of a ride.

Take two and crack a coldy as the brand lives up to their reputation in their latest feature film, Broadcasting Good Vibes, then keep scrolling as we catch up with co-founder Jono Salfield to talk more.

“At The Cross Roads Of Our Culture, Out On The Edge, There Are A Group Of Underdogs Who Don’t Get Caught Up In. The Innate Bullshit Of Life. They Pursue Their Craft, For The Love And Broadcasting Is Their Story.”

Broadcasting Good Vibes - The Film. from AFENDS on Vimeo.

Give us a quick run down of who you are and your role at Afends?
I’m Jono, one of the original founders of Afends. I focus most of my energy into the marketing side of things now.

Tell us all about the concept behind your latest feature film? It really captures the Afends brand message as a whole.
The concept was to show the diverse personalities of our surf and skate team. The film was shot over a year and a half. We travelled to India, Japan, South Australia, New Zealand and finished the movie here in our home town of Byron Bay. It was an exciting project and great to work so closely with our team.

Who was involved both in front and behind the lens?
In front of the lens was the all the main characters from our team. JS, our long time friend and ambassador he has been riding for us for 8 years now. We featured a few new guys like Sean Mawson, an underground kid from the South Coast. Our skate kids were all great to have part of the project. Kiaus Potter was the behind the lens on some of the shoot but then directing the other shoots. He has an amazing eye for editing and shooting and the finished project is something we are all proud of.

Australia is obviously your own backyard, but why were India, Japan and New Zealand chosen locations?
We chose Japan because of our extending Afends family are from there. Afends in Japan is actually popping off. It’s starting to become a house hold name. India because we got cheap flights and New Zealand well because it the best place we have ever been to.

You’ve nailed and launched a heap of projects around this clip. How long has the feature film been in production? How do you juggle that workload?
We have been working on the project for over a year. Juggling the work load is definitely one of the hard parts of the job. However the hardest part is organising an amazing holiday for someone else then having to see the photos and video of them having fun.

What’s next in the works?
Something really mental. It may or may not be legal.