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We know what we are doing and we will be around for a long time. Come along for the ride!

Brand Feature: Rip Curl

April 16, 2019

Let’s throw the clock back to 1969 to the streets of Torquay, Victoria and the moment two surfers sparked a conversation that would change the course of surfing’s history forever.

"Do you want to start making surfboards together?" “Sure!” and like that, Rip Curl was born.

With a ‘live to surf, surf to live’ concept and ideology, Rip Curl’s Founders Doug ‘Claw’ Warbrick and Brian Singer, alongside the rest of the global brand family, are now celebrating their 50th year, an honourable milestone that is well deserved and one we are commending with a firm SurfStitch salute.

Regarded as the ultimate surfing company, they’ve helped shape surfing to where it is today. From leading the way in both board production and product innovation, to breeding champions such as Nat Young, Michael Peterson, Steph Gilmore and Mick Fanning, to their constant support and sponsorship towards events on the World Tour, Rip Curl’s values and dedication to their humble grass roots have always remained the same, forever engraved in the brand’s identity - ‘to forever to support the attitudes & aspirations of those people on The Search...’

Forever hungry for progression and innovation across everything they do, Rip Curl strive to the support the attitudes and aspirations of those people chasing surf, snow and every adventure in between, the Anti Series collection being their latest brainchild.

“Winter 1969 – crisp mornings, balmy days, clean fast surf. Rip Curl Surfboards were born at Bells reefs last winter. It was a groove for those involved in testing new designs and ideas. It still is. We know what we are doing and we will be around for a long time. Come along for the ride.” - Brian ‘Sing Ding’ Singer, Founder.

Rip Curl have always been known for their leading attention to detail. Now, with five decades of experience under their belt the brand continues to push the boundaries in innovation, development and performance, this time through the latest Anti Series collection.

Driven with the goal to be drier, warmer and more comfortable than ever before, each style has been trialled and tested by the brands leading team of athletes, ensuring nothing but the best. To put it simply, Anti Series lives by a golden trio of characteristics - anti-cold, anti-wind and anti-rain, with ultimate comfort thrown in for good measure.

With on point style aesthetics and obvious high quality functionalities, the finer details are where we see true magic. Here’s an overview of what key elements are putting the Anti Series range ahead of the rest:

1. DWR Treatment
Rip Curl’s top end DWR Treatment provides the best in water repellent performance. This treatment eliminates water absorption and keeps you dry, both across the men’s and women’s ranges.

2. Lining
The Anti Series women’s selection features diamond quilted lining in the sleeves and part of the body, providing warmth for the harsh elements of Mother Nature. Sherpa lining is also through the hood and upper internal body, all linking up to ensure your core stays warm.

3. Performance Rib Panels
Guys, your range features rib panels sewn under the arm holes. This offers flexibility and breathability to ensure ultimate your comfortable regardless of what’s thrown at you.

4. Welded Zips
Just another attribute contributing to streamlined performance and the prevention of water absorption.

5. Bonded fabrics
Say hello to the best in thermal support. Laminated and bonded fabrics help reduce wind chill. Plain and simple.

Shop the Men's range HERE and Women's HERE but before you do, check out more of the features in the clips below!


As we know, Rip Curl is all about to giving back to the sport and it’s with this, we turn our heads to their own backyard for the Bells Beach contest. Tune in from the 17th of April as the world’s best surfers light up one of surfing’s greatest amphitheaters!