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Rhythm brings together a unique group of individuals with a shared dream of creating a livelihood doing what they love.

Brand Feature: Rhythm

More than a business, it’s a family! Priding themselves on design and innovation, as well as the highest quality fits and materials, the team at Rhythm have taken the brand to new heights since first bursting onto the scene over 16 years ago.

Based out of Burleigh Heads, Queensland, the brand was founded on a simple foundation to drive change in a somewhat saturated market. Fast forward to present day and Rhythm have well and truly found their nook in the industry, establishing themselves as imaginative individuals, never afraid to swing the bat to lead the way in the latest trends and creative concepts.

Whether it be from surf, art, music or lifestyle, every piece of creative that comes to life out of their HQ pays homage to the life each member of the team lives. Put simply in their own words; Rhythm brings together a unique group of individuals with a shared dream of creating a livelihood doing what they love.”

To learn more about the brand, including where they’ve come from, as well as what’s new and of course, what’s soon to come, we sat down with marketing guru Jake McCann. Scroll down, join the conversation and shop the latest standout styles!

Thanks for catching up! Tell us who you are and your role at Rhythm?
No worries. My name is Jake McCann, I look after the Marketing on the men’s side at Rhythm.

Over the years Rhythm has established itself in the industry. Run us through the brand identity and what you’re all about?
Yeah it’s been a long while that Rhythm has been around with this year marking our 16th birthday. Being born and raised here in Burleigh Heads we’ve always had a strong surf influence stretching back to those heritage days of classic trunks and single fins, where we derive a lot of our modern inspiration from in both design and marketing. We’re all about good quality apparel influenced by everything that is the Rhythm lifestyle from design, art, music, travel and surf culture.

The new collection embodies deep, earthy tones paired with the high-quality premium aesthetics Rhythm is known for. Give us an insight into the range?
The latest collection has come to life real nice retaining that vintage and classic feel throughout the collection, those sorts of pieces you might find your ‘non-brand-guy’ mate really digging.

Obviously, each creative has a different process to see a product come to life. Can you run us through what it takes to bring these apparel pieces to life? From pen to paper to eventually seeing the finished product?
All our of our artworks are hand drawn here in our Burleigh Heads office which usually surprises a few people but I suppose it gives each of our pieces that level of authenticity. This usually involves our design team, like you said, getting pen to paper then onto the screen, filed and ready to be shared with our manufacturing team. It sounds pretty straight-forward in writing but there’s definitely a lot of time and care put in to every piece that makes up the collection.

What’s next to come?
Summer. Longer days and post-work surfs. It’s definitely exciting times for Rhythm, we’ve got an incredible team in-house here producing great product and working on some fun initiatives we’re hoping to bring to life over the coming year, so stay tuned.